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The Lenovo IdeaPad U110 is one of three new IdeaPad notebooks released earlier this year. The U110 is an ultra-portable (small and lightweight), 11-inch wide-screen notebook PC. At 2.3 pounds, it's both lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air, but the screen is a couple of inches smaller. Another distinctive element of the IdeaPad's design is the red aluminum alloy top and textured design. It's also available in black. The U110 has VeriFace[TM] Face Recognition for secure log-in that uses the builtin camera and special software to give you an alternative to memorizing passwords. The frameless LCD glossy screen reaches to the edges of the cover, and there's Dolby[R] Home Theater[TM] audio. The row of multimedia controls is at the top of the keyboard and is invisible until you touch them. The Active Protection System continuously monitors movement of the notebook and stops the hard drive to help protect against damage when a fall or similar event is detected. Battery management software lets you temporarily adjust system performance in situations when you need more time. The processor is an Intel Core 2 Duo L7500, and the system runs Vista Home Premium. There's 2GB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive.


Ergotech's Convertible Monitor Arm is a multi-screen mounting rig for adding a second flat-panel monitor to double the width of the spreadsheets, trading displays, technical plans, or any other application or website you're working on. You can set up the second screen without tools. A patented multi-adjustment, quick-release pivot and improved cable management system enables fast mounting or removal as well as flexible positioning of the screens for optimal viewing angle and comfort. The Convertible Arm can be attached securely to a desk or wall, without tools, using the hardware supplied with the unit. The expanding arm, which can extend to hold multiple monitors up to 25 pounds on each mounting pivot, can fold back out of the way. Cables are held in place with the cable clips arranged on the unit. The Convertible Monitor Arm is available in black or silver and has a limited lifetime guarantee.

Ergotech has an entire line of monitor solutions and multi-screen systems for mounting up to 15 screens for call centers, medical monitoring stations, and corporate offices.

Your iPod video might be a wonder, but it wouldn't hurt to have a docking station that you could use to take advantage of a larger screen. The Philips DCP951 is just that and more. It's a docking station for your iPod Touch, Classic, Nano 3rd and 5th Generation, and it has a nine-inch (diagonal) color LCD screen with antiglare polarizer. You can also play DVDs, DVD+ R and RW, VCDs, MPEG4 movies, and DivX videos. There's a slot for SD/MMC memory cards for turning the video dock into a photo slideshow player with zoom, pan, and rotate controls. It's called a dock because your iPod plugs into a sliding panel that slips into the Philips player--out of the way but with all the contents of the iPod available through a menu that makes downloaded music, TV shows, and movies from the iTunes store available on its larger screen in Dolby digital sound. There's a kickstand on the back of the unit, and the front controls include play/pause and skip buttons and a four-way rocker menu control. The built-in rechargeable battery offers 2.5 hours of playback, and there's a car adapter to extend the time.



In her latest book, Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide from O'Reilly, author Amy Shuen explains the differences between Web 1.0 and its boom and bust and Web 2.0 with its "for free" strategies and network effects. She explains how Google can give away almost everything it offers at no cost and yet have a stock market valuation of almost $200 billion; how two-year-old Flickr, a free photo-sharing site, was worth $40 million to Yahoo!; and how Facebook was worth the equivalent of $15 billion to Microsoft. Her analysis goes beyond the academic because she explains how others can apply the same strategies to their businesses. And rather than focus on the technology, something O'Reilly books are very good at, Shuen looks at the effects of various Web 2.0 strategies. She shows how creating a Web 2.0 business, or integrating Web 2.0 strategies with your existing business, means creating places online where people come together to share what they think, see, and do.

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