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Tools of the trade.

There are five versions of the ATX Tax Preparation Software from CCH designed for professionals in small-sized firms and those with solo practices. All are based on the same powerful, easy-to-use program. The basic 1040 program includes all federal individual forms and schedules and forms for up to three states. 1040 Office adds all states and free electronic filing for 100 clients. MAX[R] includes those and all federal business and specialty forms, all state business and specialty forms, free electronic filing, 10,000 calculating forms, Klein-rock[TM] 1040, and CCH[R] 1040 Express Answers. The Total Tax Office[TM] and Total Tax & Accounting Office have all of those features plus ATX Trial Balance in Total Tax and Fixed Asset Manager and Client Write-Up with Payroll in the Accounting suite. Both top-level programs have the ATX Document Manager that lets you scan W-2s, 1099s, 1098s, and other forms to store in the client's folder. Total Tax and the Accounting Office come with a six-volume tax research library of guides and bulletins. Visit for complete information on all the packages as well as demos and information about hands-on training.


Laptops are great to carry from client to client during tax season, but unless you have a decent numerical keypad, the top row of numbers is a nuisance. Logitech has a very useful keypad that you can throw into your bag, and it requires no wires to connect to your laptop. The Cordless Number Keypad has a 2.4GHz micro-receiver that plugs into any USB connection. After you use it, it is stored within the body of the keypad so it doesn't get misplaced. There's no software needed to install the keypad, and it runs on two AAA batteries. Batteries last up to six months, and there's an indicator light to let you know when they are running low. Three quick keys give you one-touch access to Excel, the calculator, and the Web, and there are shortcut keys for use in Excel. Soft side grips make the keypad easy to hold, and the unit comes with a protective carrying case. Go to and look under Notebook Products.


TurboTax Premier is one of five federal and state tax preparation programs from Intuit, Inc. Premier is designed specifically for taxpayers who own stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or rental properties. It offers step-by-step guidance in preparing returns that include investment and property income, including 401(k)s and IRAs. The basic features of the program include an improved EasyStep interview and error check; the ability to import W-2 and 1099 information from more than 100,000 companies as well as TurboTax, Quicken, and Quick-Books Import; E- file with an e-mail confirmation; live answers online from TurboTax experts; ItsDeductible for charitable donations; Deduction Maximizer Center with 350 deductions; and a new Audit Risk Meter. For investments (Schedule D), there's an improved Basis-Pro[TM] cost basis calculator, help with mutual fund sales showing capital gains and losses, and guidance for reporting Nonqualified Stock Options (NQSOs), Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), and Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs). For rental properties (Schedule E), there's a rental property conversion expert for setting up new rental properties, a depreciation expert, and a short interview process for multiple rental property entries. More information about Premier and the other Turbo packages can be found at


Fujitsu's ScanSnap S510 and S510M is a color image scanner that comes in two versions for Mac and PC users. The low-profile scanner will scan 18 double-sided pages per minute, scanning both sides of each sheet in a single pass. The auto document feeder holds 50 sheets at a time. Four automatic features simplify digitizing any document. Auto color detection distinguishes color documents from black and white and seamlessly converts both into PDFs. Auto paper size detection can detect paper sizes such as A4, B5, A5, B6, A6, business card, legal, and letter. Auto de-skew straightens images and shows them in their proper orientation. And auto blank page detection saves memory space by automatically deleting blank pages. The ScanSnap is small--a little over six inches tall with a footprint of 6.2" x 11.2" inches. The scanner comes bundled with ABBYY FineReader 3.0 optical character recognition software, which lets you convert documents into editable and searchable PDFs by pressing a single button. Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional is also included along with Readiris Pro 11 for exporting documents into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML. The resolution of the scans can be up to 600 dpi.

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