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Tools of the trade: products.


PRODUCT         DETAILS                              CONTACT

SEALANTS &      CHAPCO's CHAMPION[TM] is a one-      www.chapco-
COATINGS        part moisture-cure urethane
                adhesive for the installation        (800) 552-6225
[ILLUSTRATION   of all wood flooring suitable
OMITTED]        for glue-down application. The
                product forms a superior,
                resilient bond with exceptional
                elongation and elasticity that
                stays flexible as the installed
                floor expands and contracts.
                CHAPCO's CHAMPION by Chapco
                Adhesive Inc./A Specialty
                Construction Brands Inc. Co.
                Circle 207.

HVAC            Filtrete Commercial HVAC Filters
                can offer a marked return on         (888) 364-3577
[ILLUSTRATION   investment by reducing energy,
OMITTED]        maintenance, and life-cycle
                costs associated with traditional
                ventilation systems. The filters'
                integral seals help reduce air
                bypass, which can decrease
                particle deposits and cleaning
                costs for HVAC coils, ducts,
                and occupied spaces. The
                potential savings are
                significant. Filtrete
                Commercial HVAC Filters
                by 3M. Circle 208.

CLEANING        Advance's Adphibian[TM] walk-        www.advance-us.
EQUIPMENT       behind carpet extractor/             com
                automatic scrubber enables           (800) 569-0344
[ILLUSTRATION   you to use only one machine
OMITTED]        to pre-spray and extract
                carpet, as well as to scrub
                hard floors. Features such
                as Advance's LIFT[TM] low-
                moisture cleaning technology
                and AXP[TM] onboard detergent-
                dispensing system make the
                Adphibian ideal for green
                cleaning programs. Adphibian by
                Advance by Nilfisk-Advance.
                Circle 209.

HVAC            Nuheat Cable allows you to 
                instantly make on-site adjustments   (800) 778-9276
[ILLUSTRATION   to your floor heating coverage.
OMITTED]        To accommodate areas not
                traditionally warmed by Nuheat
                floor warming mats, the cable
                system combines installation
                versatility with advanced new
                technology. The cable system is
                energy efficient and has a 25-
                year warranty. Nuheat Cable by
                Nuheat. Circle 210.

POWER           The 1,000kW Rental Power unit        www.cumminspower.
                from Cummins Power Generation        com
[ILLUSTRATION   is designed to be easy to operate    (763) 574-5000
OMITTED]        and flexible. Certified to meet
                EPA Tier 2 emissions standards,
                the unit provides emergency
                power for commercial buildings,
                industrial plants, and public
                works facilities. Features
                include low emissions, increased
                running time, selectable
                voltages, and easy operator
                access for maintainability.
                1,000kW Rental Power unit by
                Cummins Power Generation.
                Circle 211.

FIRE            The Gentex Firebyrd[TM] Series
DETECTION       of photoelectric single- or          (616) 772-1800
                multiple-station smoke alarms
[ILLUSTRATION   is ideal for use in commercial
OMITTED]        and mixed-use applications.
                Engineered to virtually eliminate
                nuisance alarms and deliver
                outstanding performance, the
                Firebyrd Series includes a
                push-button test to simulate
                3.5-percent smoke condition and
                is UL 217 Listed and compliant
                with NFPA 72. Firebyrd Series
                by Gentex Corp. Circle 212.

RECEPTACLES     Silhouette[TM] designer recycling    www.rcpwork
                receptacles from Rubbermaid
[ILLUSTRATION   Commercial Products support your     (800) 347-9800
OMITTED]        recycling program while enhancing
                your decor. The contemporary
                design of perforated steel,
                combined with classically styled
                tops, provides an upscale look
                that is perfect in any
                environment. All models are
                constructed of heavy-gauge steel
                and can be specified round or
                square. Silhouette by Rubbermaid
                Commercial Products LLC. Circle

LIGHTING        Commercial occupancy sensors from    www.wattstopper.
CONTROLS        Watt Stopper/Legrand incorporate     com
                sophisticated design details that    (408) 988-5331
[ILLUSTRATION   make them aesthetically pleasing,
OMITTED]        easy to operate, and still
                durable enough to withstand the
                rigors of commercial use.
                Sporting a low-profile design
                that disappears into the ceiling
                tile, the sensors are available
                with passive infrared,
                ultrasonic, or patented dual-
                technology sensing for optimum
                performance. Occupancy sensors
                by Watt Stopper/Legrand.
                Circle 214.

PLUMBING &      Sloan's High-Efficiency Urinals      www.water
WASHROOMS       (HEUs) utilize only 0.125 gallons
                of water to flush. Combining the     (847) 671-4300
[ILLUSTRATION   vitreous china fixture with
OMITTED]        either a manual or sensor-
                operated flushometer, the
                HEUs provide effective, low-
                maintenance flushing in public
                restrooms while reducing water
                consumption by as much as 88
                percent. Choose from either a
                manual Royal[R] Flushometer or
                from several battery-powered
                and hardwired sensor-operated
                models. High-Efficiency Urinals
                from Sloan Valve Co. Circle 215.

PEST CONTROL    Migrate Turf Spray is a nontoxic     www.birdbgone.
                repellent that makes grass areas     com
[ILLUSTRATION   unpalatable to geese and ducks.      (800) 392-6915
OMITTED]        Simple and easy to use. Migrate
                is applied by spraying the
                product directly onto grass areas
                such as golf courses, parks,
                fields, or anywhere geese or
                ducks are causing a problem.
                The repellent lasts 3 months
                and will not wash off with
                rain or water. Migrate Turf
                Spray by Bird-B-Gone Inc.
                Circle 216.

CLEANING        KaiFly is a cleaner dispenser and
EQUIPMENT       pad used to swipe flat surfaces      (800) 287-1136
                before the cleaning solution is
[ILLUSTRATION   swiped away by a squeegee. The
OMITTED]        product is ideal for germ-ridden
                areas like school restrooms,
                cafeteria tables, restaurants,
                and healthcare settings. Standard
                rag cleaning, with the cleaning
                solution left to air-dry, leaves
                behind 85-times more bacteria
                than the KaiFly method. KaiFly
                by Kaivac Inc. Circle 217.

HVAC            Commercial packaged rooftop
                systems from McQuay are ideal        (800) 432-1342
[ILLUSTRATION   for 1- to 3-story buildings,
OMITTED]        including offices, schools,
                libraries, and strip malls.
                They combine the lower
                installation costs and interior
                space savings of a roof-mounted
                system with the operating and
                maintenance efficiencies of
                central heating and cooling
                systems. Commercial packaged
                rooftop systems by McQuay Intl.
                Circle 218.

Cleaning        Green Works[TM] natural cleaning     www.clorox
equipment       products from Clorox are as
                effective as conventional            (888) 797-7225
[ILLUSTRATION   cleaners, but made from plant-
OMITTED]        based ingredients and certified
                by the EPA's Design for the
                Environment Program. In lab
                testing, Green Works products
                performed as well as or better
                than leading conventional
                cleaners, so professionals can
                now implement green cleaning
                with great results. Green Works
                by The Clorox Co. Circle 219.

Maintenance     The Eco-Saver[TM] Briquetting
equipment       System from Security Engineered      (508) 366-1488
                Machinery (SEM) reduces large
[ILLUSTRATION   volumes of loose waste to small,
OMITTED]        manageable briquettes. With a
                high-pressure hydraulic ram, the
                product compacts shredded paper,
                cardboard, and other light
                materials for recycling or easy
                disposal. Eco-Saver Briquetting
                System by SEM. Circle 220.

HVAC            Unifin's flexible ForZair[TM]
                line of Transformer Oil Coolers      (888) 451-0310
[ILLUSTRATION   provides superior performance in
OMITTED]        the most demanding applications.
                The coolers are designed for new
                transformers or for replacing
                existing installations that are
                out of life or overheating,
                requiring additional heat removal
                for higher capacities. ForZair
                coolers are available in forced
                oil-to-forced air, natural
                convection oil-to-water, and
                forced oil-to-water models. For
                Zair Coolers by Unifin Intl.
                Circle 221.

LIGHTING        The Tamburo and Canto families of    www.besalighting.
                ceiling pendants and spotlights      com
[ILLUSTRATION   from Besa Lighting are               (800) 446-2372
OMITTED]        handcrafted in clear glass with
                the dimensional texture of
                weathered sandstone. The
                luminaire hardware is offered
                with either satin nickel or
                bronze finish, and each fixture
                is designed to add to your
                building's wow factor. Tamburo
                and Canto by Besa Lighting.
                Circle 222.

POWER           The Integrated Power Center
DISTRIBUTION    2 solution from Square D[R]
                Integrated Power and Control         (888) 778-2733
[ILLUSTRATION   Solutions includes automatic
OMITTED]        transfer switch sections up
                to 400A and an increase in
                transformer sizes, providing
                solutions that are ideally
                suited for many commercial,
                retail, and industrial
                applications. The integrated
                equipment solutions provide
                space for larger transformers,
                resulting in cost and floorspace
                savings. Square D Integrated
                Power Center 2 by Schneider
                Electric. Circle 223.

MAINTENANCE     The versatile RIDGID RP 330
EQUIPMENT       pressing tool is the fastest         (800) 769-7743
                pressing tool available,
[ILLUSTRATION   offered in a corded or battery
OMITTED]        version. The user-friendly tool
                makes quick connections, and
                the 270-degree jaw rotation
                and flattened top permit better
                accessibility in confined areas.
                A new gear ratio allows both
                models of the RIDGID RP 330 to
                perform in cold temperatures.
                RIDGID RP 330 by RIDGID.
                Circle 224.

FURNITURE       Details' certified Cradle-to-        www.details-
ACCESSORIES     Cradle keyboard assembly is
                made from materials that were        (800) 833-0411
[ILLUSTRATION   scrutinized for their impact on
OMITTED]        the environment. The keyboard
                mechanism is made from 98-
                percent recycled steel content,
                the keyboard platform uses 100-
                percent recycled kraft paper
                content, and the palm rest is
                made from a proprietary
                waterborne urethane.
                Cradle-to-Cradle Keyboard from
                Details/A Steelcase Co. Circle

HVAC            The Kodiak Series 7.5-ton spot       www.atlassales.
                cooler extends the reach and         com
[ILLUSTRATION   range of applications for            (800) 972-6600
OMITTED]        portable equipment. Compact
                enough to fit through a 32-
                inch door, it cools large
                areas with fewer units,
                allowing easier transport
                and operation while using
                fewer electrical lines.
                Kodiak 7.5-ton spot cooler
                by Atlas Sales & Rentals
                Inc. Circle 226.

WIRING          The LEVER-NUTS[TM] 222 Series of
METHODS         compact connectors is ideally        (800) 346-7245
                suited for increasingly compact,
[ILLUSTRATION   complex applications where space
OMITTED]        is at a premium and just a two-
                wire termination point is needed.
                The product protects users
                against electrical shocks and
                employs an integral test point
                for testing/trouble-shooting a
                circuit. LEVER-NUTS 222 Series
                by WAGO Corp. Circle 227.

WINDOWS         The Renaissance[TM] Option           www.moduline
                from Moduline Window Systems
[ILLUSTRATION   resurrects a neoclassical            (800) 972-9110
OMITTED]        architectural style, offering
                the retro look of wood and steel
                windows of the past. Advanced
                glazing technology has
                eliminated the use of putty
                glaze, but the Renaissance
                glazing system replicates
                the look and restores the
                popular sloped exterior
                appearance. Renaissance
                Option by Moduline Window
                Systems. Circle 228.

THERMAL         The ICI Toughcam is a portable       www.infrared
IMAGING         thermal imager that offers out-
EQUIPMENT       standing image quality and           (866) 861-0788
                radiometric temperature
[ILLUSTRATION   measurement performance. An
OMITTED]        affordable, rugged, and easy-
                to-use infrared camera, the
                ICI Toughcam is equipped with
                four movable measurement points
                and three area boxes with
                tracking cursors. This product
                is ideal for many applications,
                and the software provides quick
                access to tools for analyzing
                the images. ICI Toughcam by
                Infrared Cameras Inc. Circle 229.

SECURITY        NOTIFIER's ONYX[R] Digital Voice
                Command digital audio evacuation,    (973) 455-2000
[ILLUSTRATION   paging, and firefighter's
OMITTED]        telephone system uses eight
                channels of quality audio to
                deliver live, high-quality
                emergency paging while
                simultaneously broadcasting
                multiple distinct messages
                throughout an entire facility
                or to selected areas. This
                product provides critical
                information or instruction
                during an emergency, ensuring
                that your building's occupants
                have the right information.
                ONYX Digital Voice Command by
                Notifier/Div. Honeywell Intl.
                Circle 230.

HVAC CONTROLS   The new vertical SimpleComfort[R]    www.icmcontrols.
                thermostats from ICM Controls        com
[ILLUSTRATION   Corp. are designed to simplify       (800) 365-5525
OMITTED]        installations. The "V-Line"
                family includes four non-
                programmable models that are
                easy to install and configure,
                featuring accurate temperature
                control enhanced by ICM's
                patented Thermal Intrusion
                Barrier. All models are manual
                changeover. SimpleComfort
                vertical thermostats by ICM
                Controls Corp. Circle 231.

WASHROOMS       The TC AutoFoam[TM] Soap System      www.technical
                from Technical Concepts is a
[ILLUSTRATION   wall-mounted, touch-free, hand-      (847) 837-4100
OMITTED]        wash system that automatically
                dispenses foam soap. Ideal for
                facility providers who require
                soap systems that have high
                capacity, provide controlled
                usage, and encourage healthy
                hand washing, the TC AutoFoam
                Soap System delivers the right
                amount of soap every time--there
                is no waste from overuse. TC
                AutoFoam Soap System by Technical
                Concepts. Circle 232.

SECURITY        The Virtual Site Manager[TM] is
SOFTWARE        a multi-faceted business tool        com/pos
                for any organization with retail     (877) 726-2767
[ILLUSTRATION   sales operations. Every aspect
OMITTED]        of a retail environment can
                benefit from the software, which
                pairs Point of Sale (POS)
                workstation data with recorded
                video to provide a comprehensive
                record of transactions and
                cashiers' interactions with
                customers. The tool can also
                track and monitor employee
                attendance, behavior, appearance,
                and more. Virtual Site Manager
                by Panasonic System Solutions
                Co. Circle 233.

TOOLS &         Reelease[TM] is a custom-            www.cambridge
EQUIPMENT       designed, motorized, retractable
                attachment method for metal          (866) 806-2385
[ILLUSTRATION   fabric applications. Providing
OMITTED]        the ability to raise or lower
                metal fabric with the simple
                touch of a button, Reelease
                has a concealed, overhead-
                mounted, motorized reel that
                releases the metal fabric
                downward and retracts it
                upward for concealed storage,
                creating a movable definition
                of interior space. Reelease
                by Cambridge Architectural.
                Circle 234.

Sealants &      DECK-O-SHIELD is a ready-to-use
coatings        sealer/water repellent for           (800) 542-POOL
                natural stone, concrete, and
[ILLUSTRATION   masonry surfaces. Designed for
OMITTED]        use on waterfalls in or around
                swimming pools, the product will
                limit the penetration of water
                into structurally sound, crack-
                free surfaces, and can also be
                used as a sealer/water repellent
                for stone decks, walkways, or
                patio areas. DECKO-SHIELD
                by DECK-O-SEAL/Div. WR
                Meadows Inc. Circle 235.

Furniture       Dar/Ran's Conference furniture
                offers meeting room solutions        800) 334-7891
[ILLUSTRATION   with visual presence, technology
OMITTED]        integration, and BacGuard anti-
                microbial surfaces. Richly
                finished veneer options, a
                wide selection of bases, and
                edge details allow corporations
                to convey their own culture and
                to coordinate units throughout
                the workplace. Conference by
                Dar/Ran. Circle 236.

Tools &         Hyster's Yardmaster II reach         www.hyster
equipment       stackers are designed to fit
                the most demanding material          (800) HYSTER-1
[ILLUSTRATION   handling jobs, able to work with
OMITTED]        load capacities of up to 101,000
                pounds. Offering the tightest
                turning radius in the container-
                handling industry, the Yardmaster
                II allows maximum production with
                the least amount of effort.
                Yardmaster II by Hyster Co.
                Circle 237.

SECURITY        The new version of the ProSight-
MONITORING      SMB 6.0 IP video surveillance        (845) 369-6400
                platform for small and medium
[ILLUSTRATION   businesses allows you to easily
OMITTED]        access, identify, retrieve, and
                export events and exceptions.
                The new version is bundled with
                OnSSI's NetGuard-EVS video
                client, which enables remote
                monitoring, after-the-fact
                investigation assisted by
                digital PTZ into recorded
                images and access to motion-
                detection events, and export
                of evidence. ProSight-SMB
                6.0 by OnSSI. Circle 238.

SEATING         Featuring a slim profile and         www.globaltotal
                clean, crisp European detailing,
[ILLUSTRATION   Aspen is an affordable solution      (800) 220-1900
OMITTED]        for anywhere in the modern
                office. Utilizing many years
                of ergonomic research and
                testing, Aspen has a universal
                level of comfort that works for
                all body sizes and types. The
                series comes in three varying
                back heights. Aspen by GLOBAL-
                The Total Office. Circle 239.

SEALANTS &      Hycrete Admixture integrally
COATINGS        waterproofs concrete by shutting     (201) 386-8110
                down capillary action, enabling
[ILLUSTRATION   concrete to repel water and
OMITTED]        chlorides. Hycrete technology
                provides hydrophobic concrete,
                replacing external membranes,
                or may be used in conjunction
                with membranes for added
                protection. Recommended
                applications include commercial
                sub-grade foundations/walls,
                parking garages, green roofs,
                etc. Hycrete Admixture by
                Hycrete Inc. Circle 240.

MAINTENANCE     Karcher's cold-water pressure        www.karcher
EQUIPMENT       washers use a hand-truck design
                for easy maneuvering. The four       (888) 805-4852
[ILLUSTRATION   models deliver cleaning power
OMITTED]        of up to 3,600 PSI of pressure
                with a flow rate of up to 4 GPM.
                Featuring a rugged steel frame,
                the hand-truck pressure washers
                all come with Karcher's patented,
                professional-grade axial pump
                integrated with a Honda engine.
                Hand-truck pressure washers from
                Karcher. Circle 241.

Lighting        GRUV is a recessed linear slot
                lighting system that provides        (973) 882-5010
[ILLUSTRATION   specifiers and designers with
OMITTED]        a smaller-scale, more
                architecturally pleasing palette
                of lighting solutions for the
                most discriminating environments.
                GRUV's 3-inch aperture, with 1.5-
                inch-deep extruded aluminum splay
                and mitered corners, provides
                lighting that is effective and
                visually appealing. GR0V by
                Amerlux Lighting Solutions.
                Circle 242.

Design          The USG Design Studio is a new,      www.usgdesign
software        fully accessible, interactive
                specification toolkit. Available     (800) USG-4YOU
[ILLUSTRATION   online, the design studio
OMITTED]        provides you with advanced
                capabilities and rich information
                resources needed to quickly and
                accurately design, compare,
                change, select, and specify the
                right products and systems for
                interiors. USG Design Studio by
                USG. Circle 243.

Plumbing &      VAX valves by Assured Automation     www.assured
washrooms       are for applications that require
                fast actuation, strict               (800) 899-0553
[ILLUSTRATION   durability, and reliability.
OMITTED]        These compact valves combine a
                process valve and actuator in a
                single, integrated unit with only
                one moving part. The VAX valve
                has a coaxial design that offers
                high flow rates with minimal
                pressure loss, extending the
                valve's life-cycle. VAX Valves by
                Assured Automation. Circle 244.
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