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Tools of the trade: creating and playing DVDs and entry-level MYOB. (Product Watch).

The Laptop That Plays Anything

Toshiba describes its Satellite 5105-S607 as the ultimate multimedia notebook. You can see why without even opening it. The front edge has an infrared port (out to other computers or printers) and CD/DVD player controls with an LCD that shows time, date, and track number currently playing. On the back there are two USB ports (for keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner), video out (to play your DVDs on your TV), audio in (for recording), iLink[R] (to connect your digital camera), and modem and LAN ports (the Internet, of course). The right edge has the DVD/CD RW drive, microphone in, and a port out to your home theater system, or speakers/headphones if you would rather not use the built-in Harman/Kardon[TM] sound system with its own subwoofer. The left side has another USB port, monitor port, PC card slots, Smart Media card slot (digital camera and MP3 files), and an SDC Secure Digital[TM] card slot. Lift the lid, and it's a computer-- 1.7 GHz Intel[R] Pentium 4, 40MB hard drive, 512MB memory, 15" Toshiba Personal Theatre active matrix display, and the cPad[TM] touchpad. The cPad works as a pointing device with areas marked for page back and scrolling, and it launches secondary applications including calculator, 10-key notepad, and signature input.

PC Tables, LLC has the answer to the question, "When I have my laptop on my lap, what do I do with the papers I'm working on?" They suggest putting them in the document holder or on the slide-out mouse tray of their portable worktable. The surface work area of the company's Table Tote[TM] expands to a width of 18 inches and a height of 36 inches while supporting up to 18 pounds of computer or projector. The situations that come to mind for using the portable workspace include airports, hotel or building lobbies, or outdoors. The Table Tote weighs only 2.6 pounds and folds to a compact 10'12 x 13 x 11/8 inches.

Panasonic has released its new combination DVD-RAM/R drive called DVD-Burner[TM]. With a retail price under $300 for the internal ATAPI version, the burner significantly reduces the price of mass storage. DVD-RAM is the professional format for data storage that allows adding data to a disc that already holds information without having to erase it to make the space available as with DVD-RW and CD-RWs. DVD-RAM is also the format for the MPEG home video recorders. Besides reading and writing to both DVD-RAM (rewritable) and DVD-R (write-once) discs, the drive provides all of the functionality of the DVD Forum specifications for the DVD-RAM and DVD-R General, including maximum compatibility with DVD video players, recorders, and DVD-ROM drives. The DVDBurner can play back DVD video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R discs, and 24x conventional CDs. The advantage for data storage over regular CDs is sevenfold, DVD-R discs hold 4.7GB, and DVD-RAM are 2.6GB/5.2GB to 4.7GB/9.4GB. Bundled with the drive are Motion DV Studio LE Capturing and Editing software, DVD Movie Album video recording software, DVDit! LE Authoring software, WinDVD Video Playback Software, and FileSafe backup software-just about everything you need for film to files.

MYOB US, Inc. has added MYOB FirstEdge[TM] for the Mac OS X to its family of Mac and Windows business management software. Designed for very small businesses, FirstEdge offers integrated business management features like banking, sales, and expense tracking along with at-a-glance business analysis and more than 60 customizable reports organized into convenient tabs. You can view and create all financial transactions from a single window in Bank Manager and e-mail invoices in PDF format to your customers for faster payment. There are 83 starter charts of accounts, or you can build your own with four levels of account detail. You can view and access all sales status and transactions from the Sales Register, create quotes and invoices, print a Customer Activity Statement for a date range, and look up an invoice by number or customer P.O. number. Create contact cards to track customers, vendors, and employees. The Transaction Journal is available from each command center and is organized in tabs by category. Firs tEdge is designed for the freelancer, legal and accounting professional, business consultant, organization or youth club manager, or any other very small business looking for sound financial management in a simple, easy-to-use product. The other members of the MYOB product line offer more sophisticated management and cross-platform flexibility between Mac and Windows so that work done at the office or at home on a Mac can be loaded as files on the Windows version of MYOB's Accounting Edge and Accounting Plus, and vice versa. Details of the more advanced features in Accounting Edge and Plus can be reviewed at the MYOB website. You can also run a brief demo of the First Edge software there.
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