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Tools for Building Your Local through Internal Organizing.

Internal organizing can be defined in many ways, but what it really means is creating and executing a good communication process for your members in your local unit. In this day in age, we have learned that you must distribute information in many different ways and creating a Communication Action Team or Network (CAT or CAN) can be a functional way to succeed at two-way communication.


* Seek volunteers who are willing to assist with distributing important information and communication. Find one or two nurses from each department and by obtaining a few more volunteers, this will keep one volunteer from feeling overburdened.

* Add a Communications or Technology Officer to your local unit leadership structure! This is an excellent way to streamline some of your communications. This officer can be responsible for maintaining an email list and your local unit Facebook page, which are two of your most effective ways to communicate.

* Create a texting tree! We all know that communicating through texting is an extremely effective tool for information distribution. MNA now has access to a program that can assist our locals with creating a text tree. It is easy and can grow with your membership. All we need is to obtain approval to add your member's phone numbers and we can build your tree for you! Please talk to your local unit rep or call our office at 406-442-6710 to find out more!

Communication to our members is the most important tool for sharing information. We understand how busy our members are, so creating easier ways to distribute information is key to improving member engagement! These same tools can be used to share information between locals across the state.

The MNA labor department is excited about our new texting program and want to share this technology with our locals!

Robin Haux, BS

Labor Program


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Title Annotation:Labor Reports and News
Author:Haux, Robin
Publication:The Pulse
Date:Aug 1, 2017
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