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Tool manufacturers offer cutting edge technology.


Increased technology available in today's cutting tools has benefitted wood product manufacturers by shaving production times and giving smoother cuts. Striving to make improvements on strength, performance and integrity, cutting tool manufacturers also search for ways to cut labor and retooling costs. The following list includes some of the latest technology in cutting tool technology. Circle the corresponding number on the Reader Service card for additional information.

Drilling and router bits

GUDHO-USA says it stocks a complete range of drill bits for the 32mm system. Dowel drills, thru-hole drills and boring bits in both metric and inch dimensions are available, the company says. 646

The Her-Saf adjustable carbide router bit offered by Safranek Enterprises can be used with Rockwell and Porter-Cable routers. With a turn of the gear, the user can change cutter diameter, thereby increasing or decreasing the dado width, the company says. 647

FS Tool presents a new, expanded line of metric boring bits for industrial woodworking. Tools are compatible with all major OEM equipment and custom models are available upon request. 648

Practical Products Co. offers carbide-tipped boring bits, which the company says work well on mounting domestic and foreign concealed type hinges. 649

Leuco Tool Corp. offers immediate shipment on its entire range of popular diamond tooling. Included are: router bits, diamond panel saw blades, hogging units, and jointing cutterheads. 650

Custom profile bits for CNC routers are available from Great Lakes Carbide Tool Manufacturing Inc. The company will study customer specifications and design and manufacture the precise bit to produce the part. 651

Henderson Diamond and Carbide Inc. offers two diamond router bits. One, already being utilized for cutting Corian countertop material, has a cutting life reportedly 50 times greater than carbide tools. The second is newly designed to cut MDF or particleboard that has been laminated with one- or two-sided paper, melamine or vinyl. 652

Desert Cutting Tools Inc. distributes American and European tooling for all manufacturing applications. The company says it is supported by a fully-computerized service center. 653

Eagle America says it offers the industry more than 900 different router bits, shaper cutters and accessories in its product line. 654

Solid carbide micro-grain, high-speed router bits from Hayes Tool Inc. come with straight or spiral flutes. Designed for free cutting, the bits allow for lower power consumption. The company says the bit can be run at 600 ipm with no loss of quality or excessive load on the router head. 655

Forest City Tool/Textron Inc. has added 72 new bits to its line of solid carbide router bits. They are designed for high-speed feed rates, longer wear and faster, more accurate cutting performance in abrasive/hard materials, composites and plastics, the company says. Included are: single and double edge down cut, single and double edge up cut, single and double edge straight flute and three-wing serrated hogging bits. 656

Byrom International Corp. is introducing carbide-tipped, vertical and horizontal panel-raising router bits. The bits are available in more than 20 styles, in diameters from 1 in. to 3 1/2 in. and come in a selection of seven styles and sizes. 657

Leiser USA Inc. offers router bits with indexible heads of micrograin carbide as well as diamond tooling, which it recommends for MDF applications. 658

Onsrud Cutter Inc.'s Wood-rout is a line of spiral and straight flute, solid carbide router bits for cutting hardwoods and wood composites. Made of OC+ corrosion-resistant sub-micron solid carbide rounds, it provides improved strength and wear resistance, the company says. 659

Sandaro bearing lubricant from Sandaro Industries Inc. is reported to reduce friction as pressure increases, enabling bearings to run cool for much longer intervals. Waterproof and saltwater-proof, the product dries instantly and will not trap particles and dirt, the company says. 660


Gladu Tools Inc. says its diamond T-slot cutters provide superior chip removal in single pass profiling of MDF for slotted walls while eliminating internal fractures and tool burning at high feed rates. 661

Versatool cutterheads from Byrd Tool Corp. are designed to accommodate high speed steel or carbide inserts. The company also says cutter bodies are made of anodized heat treated aluminum with stainless steel thread inserts, and 20 different configurations are available. Custom configurations can be manufactured to customer specifications. 662

L.R.H. Enterprises Inc. offers a specially designed line of carbide-tipped shaper cutters for 1/2-in. to 3/4-in. spindle machines. The Co-st Cutters work with ball-bearing rub collars and smaller diameter cutters. The cutters work with ball-bearing rub collars for cutting curved pieces. Smaller diameter cutters (2 5/8 in.) allow cutters to be lowered through the opening of the shaper, according to the company. 663

Cascade Tools Inc. offers a 3-in. O.D. panel cutter with undercutter that produces a 1 1/4-in. wide profile and can be used on 5/8-in. and 3/4-in. stock. The company says it uses CNC equipment for machining proper relief angles. 664

The blue carbide-tipped shaper cutters from Delta International Machinery Corp. were designed with a computer for optimum cutting performance, the company says. A silver and copper brazing protects cutting edges and gives the cutter a longer life, adds the company. There is a wide variety of cutters available including: door edge detail, corner round, flute or half round convex and straight. The cutters mount on wood shapers. 665

The 1/4-in. OPTI-coated fingerjoint cutters, from Wisconsin Knife Works deliver durable knife surfaces, according to the company. Offering cleaner cuts, a tighter fit and less clogging, the blades are reported to last up to three times longer than M-2 steel. Less downtime, waste and fewer sharpenings are additional benefits, the company says. 666

Oertli offers standard and custom made cutterheads for multiple uses. Over 50 different blanks in top quality high-speed steel or carbide are available in various sizes for profiling particleboard and wood. Benefits include quick changeover and safe, positive knife attachment. 667

Offering what it calls the largest, most comprehensive line of three wing 3/4-in. Tantung cutters, Freeborn Tool Co. offers two product lines: the Mini-Pro, with 3/4-in. or 1/2-in. spindle sizes, and the Pro-Line, with 1 1/4-in. bore. 668

Graycon Tools Div. of Diehl Machines provides complete tooling services, including round heads, vice-grip heads, clamp-T heads and SC-injector heads. The company will repair and recondition tools or adapt older tooling to use the ETP Hydro-Grip sleeve. 669

North American Products Co. has manufactured and serviced custom and standard carbide tooling for over 50 years through a network of 13 service centers. The company now offers an immediate delivery inventory of standard carbide tooling. The delivery is guaranteed by the company to be made within 24 hours of the order. 670

The multiprofiler from Howema is a universal profile cutterhead, with reversible profile-ground carbide and diamond knives, designed to fit most shapers, moulders and double-end tenoners. 671

Markay Cutting Tools says it can meet all custom cutting tool requirements for shaper cutters, brazed and replaceable insert tooling. 672

Quietcut, a helical carbide cutterhead available from [Newman.sup.*] Whitney, is said to reduce noise. A new, super finishing version with additional rows of cutting knives is offered. 673

Cutterheads offered by Charles G.G. Schmidt & Co. include standard moulder heads, roundheads, four-knife pocket for wedge heads and a junior line of 3/4-in. spindles with 60 [degrees] corrugations. 674

A two-piece counterprofile tool set with disposable carbide profile knives is available from Leitz. It can be used to cut end grain and along the grain. The cutterhead set is used to produce cope and stick pieces of raised panel doors 20 - 28mm thick, and is ideal for 1-in. doors. By switching the cutterheads, the production of both profile and counterprofile is possible, the company says. Five standard profiles are available for this tool. 675

Michael Weinig Inc. says its original, Swiss-built moulder cutterheads are continuously tested during production for function and quality. 676

Wadkin USA offers the Hydrowedge cutterhead Megablock, which reduces changeover time up to 90 percent, the company says. The hydraulic pressure-wedge system eliminates the use of securing screws for improved safety and reliability, easier cleaning and maintenance, according to the company. 677

Onsrud Cutter Inc. offers the Tersa insert cutterhead for use on moulders, planers, shapers and tenoners. It is said to outperform conventional insert knives because the outer diameter is constant from edge to edge, insert to insert, the company says. No gib screws are required -- centrifugal force locks knives in place. 678

Dual-angle cutterheads from Wood Tech Enterprises Inc. feature 12- or 20-degree cutting angles in the same tool body, the company says. Designed for either profile or straight knives on a moulder or shaper, the company also says the operator can select the best angle to reduce excessive tear-out or grain fuzzing. 679

Knives and knife stock

Offering custom engineered tooling and machinery, Profile Technology Inc. manufactures a variety of carbide tipped and solid carbide knives, carbide tips and inserts for the cabinet and furniture industry. 680

Model 6000 Clamp'n stile and rail cutters from Tri-State Tooling Systems Inc. feature replaceable solid carbide or Tantung blades for consistent profile machining. Blade changes take only minutes, the company says, and inserts can be resharpened. Custom profile cutters are also available. 681

The Dispoz-A-Blade system from Esta-USA Inc. is reported to eliminate resharpening and slashes blade costs by 50 percent. The company also says long life is achieved on hard and soft woods, blades are easy to install and change and will fit any planer, moulder or jointer. 682

Saw blades

Offering very thin "Kerf Slicer" blades for a variety of applications, Super Thin Saws Inc. says its standard blades are available from 8 in. to 16 in. in diameter and 1mm to 3mm widths. Applications include glue joint rips, gang rips, thin groovers and moulder splitting saws. Blades are designed to be run on hydraulic centering sleeves. 683

The Golden Eagle G1080MH saw blade from DML reported to deliver virtually splinter and chip-free cuts, the company says. The blade's Dyanite carbide cutting tips last two to five times longer than standard carbides, and the company adds that the blade works well in shops using veneered plywoods and double-sided melamine. 684

The Lenox Diemaster 2 band saw blades from American Saw and Mfg. Co. will last up to ten times longer than carbon steel on all materials, according to the company. Resistance to heat, wear and fatigue are better and high strength spring steel back makes interior contour cutting easier. 685

The Superfine Dado from SystiMatic Co. produces smooth and perfectly square dado channels without chipping, the company says. It has 42-tooth outer blades and round six-wing chippers which offer vibration-free dadoing that goes through the material like a hot knife through butter, the company says. 686

Sterling saber saw blades from Diamond Saw Works are designed for cuts that require a very smooth finish on prefinished paneling, countertops, Formica, Plexiglas and other materials not exceeding 3/8 in. thickness. The company says the M-2 HSS blades will not cause burns or chips on either side of the workpiece. Blades are hollow ground and available in 1/4-in. shank designs. 687

Bandsaw blades from Suffolk Machinery Corp. are made of Swedish silicon steel. Blade sizes range from 1/16 in. to 1 1/4 in. The company says it ships within 24 hours of receipt of an order, and says it guarantees its welds. 688

Demp's Saw & Tool Co. manufactures a complete line of carbide- tipped saw blades for a variety of uses. 689

General Saw Corp. offers blades for horizontal panel machines. The company says its carbide tips are pressed from the latest technology sub-micron carbide powders. Main blades are tensioned according to the maximum stacked thicknesses actually being cut. 690

Ceramic-tipped circular saw blades from Ceramikut Saw Inc. are reported to stay sharper 300 to 500 times longer than carbide, generate no heat at the cutting edge and run at least 90 percent quieter than carbide. 691

Duraline HiA/T saw blades from Forrest Manufacturing Co. Inc. are designed for sawing low pressure laminates and ply veneers. The new tooth design stops bottom chipping, so fast feed improves blade life, the company says. 692

Saw blades from Everlast Saw and Carbide Tools Inc. include a complete line of industrial grade saws and the TC2 Contractor Series of tungsten carbide-tipped saws. 693

Olympia bandsaw blades from Contour Saws Inc. are reported to outlast standard spring-tempered blades six to ten times longer. Faster cutting rates, no resharpening costs, fewer blade changes and lower blade inventories are also said to be added benefits. 694

A carbide-tipped melamine dado set from Dimar Canada Ltd. will enable the user to cut through one- and two-sided melamine coated materials virtually chip free, according to the company. The thick carbide teeth have negative hook angles and provide longer life. 695

Grinding equipment

The Saturn FKS 450 automatic tool and cutter grinder from Equipment Ltd. now has the processor-controlled indexing head TKE 330 with five programs. The work head indexes up to 999 teeth with a resolution better than 0.0005-in. on a 10-in. cutter. The work head indexes 90 [degrees] in two seconds. Features include either right- or left-hand rotating, multiple grinding passes, an infeed program to eliminate infeed axis and periphery feeler for accurate O.D. grinding, the company says. 696

When profile grinding with the Model 746 Profile Grinder from Foley-United the user is able to redress the wheel back to its initial starting point and radius. According to the company, the 746 accomplishes this by having a retractable hydro-tooth blade rest that allows the permanently attached dresser to be swung into the proper position. The diamond nib, which is preset to the exact wheel width, can then redress the wheel at the proper location easily, whenever necessary. The dresser can also be locked in various positions to dress the wheel to a point or square end if needed. 697

The Model 75 grinder, available from SCMI Corp., is designed for consistently repeatable moulder knife patterns and precise cutting edges, the company says. It features a fixed diamond dresser system in which the grinding wheel can be periodically redressed to the original point of grind. It also has an advanced stylus system to maintain depth of grind. The specially-designed grinding head has left and right adjustment capabilities to allow side clearance tolerances required by many knife patterns. 698

Moon's Saw & Tool Inc. Model TG-1 Universal Saw Tool & Cutter Grinder can sharpen a variety of cutting tools including router bits, shaper cutters, cutterheads, carbide-tipped circular saws and planer knives. The machine features: full flood coolant; 5c collet index head, flat belt drive, ratcheting lock handles, 21-in. pivoting worktable, 28-in. horizontal table travel, 24-in. diameter saw grinding fixture and a complete assortment of cutter arbors and sleeve bushings. 699

Available from Tekmatex Inc., the Stehle profile copy grinder has been designed for router bits and moulder heads, the company says. The exact transfer from a template permits production of an exact duplicate, and can perform coarse grinding and extra-fine grinding. 700

PHOTO : A complete range of drill bits for the 32mm system are available from GUDHO-USA.

PHOTO : T-slot cutters from Gladu Tools Inc. are designed for single pass profiling of MDF.

PHOTO : Byrd Tool Inc.'s Versatool cutterheads can use carbide or HSS inserts.

PHOTO : Metric boring bits from FS Tool are compatible with all major OEM Equipment.

PHOTO : Co-st Cutters cutterheads from L.R.H. Enterprises Inc. can be use on 1/2-in. and 3/4-in. spindle machines.

PHOTO : Onsrud Cutter Inc.'s Wood-rout router bits are made from solid carbide rounds

PHOTO : Golden Eagle circular saw blades from DML Inc. have Dyanite cutting tips.

PHOTO : American Saw and Mfg. Co.'s Lenox Diemaster 2 bandsaw blades have high strength spring steel backs.

PHOTO : From Tekmatex, the Stehle profile grinder is for use with bits and moulder heads.
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