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Tool analysis.

Scientific Forming Technologies Corp. announces the release of Deform-3D, version 6.1. Deform is used by cutting-tool manufacturers and other major manufacturers to analyze the influence of tool design and cutting parameters on machining performance.


Deform is a finite element-based system that can predict chip form, cutting forces, temperatures, tool wear, and other parameters based on cutting tool geometry, feed, speed, depth of cut, and coolant.

The Deform material library contains more than 50 materials, including common grades of steel, titanium, aluminum, and superalloys. Release 6.1 includes several new materials. On the numerical side, the system features a new mesh generator for improved run times, increased robustness, and accuracy. Scientific Forming Technologies Corp., Booth D-3303,
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Title Annotation:IMTS 08 Hall
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Aug 1, 2008
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