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Tooh- bit mush.

SHE is back to shake up things with a tooh - bit thrust, after filmi social message did not quite sell in Satyagraha . Kareena Kapoor Khan's latest avatar is desi glamour on an overdrive though there is the social message knickknack to hawk this time too. She plays a fiery activist, her very designer performance meant to be the star draw of this mediocre effort.

Any resemblance Kareena's new role of Dia Sharma -- Punjabi kudi loaded with spunk -- bears with Jab We Met 's Geet seems far from coincidental. Geet is where Kareena's career peaked, so bring on the prototype once again for a fresh career push. Only, Dia lacks the imagination that defined Geet.

Gori Tere Pyr Mein! ( the exclamation mark probably meant to get you a little more excited) works on the familiar Bollywood premise that a full o'beans girl and a carefree cute guy will obviously fall in love and make for a saleable rom- com.

Typically Imran Khan is cast as the cute guy Sriram Venkat ( How cute? Here's the idea: Dia calls Sriram as Sridevi; most others follow suit; the guy doesn't mind).

Sriram is a Bangalore- based architect who believes life is an extended party. He is far from game to commit when Dia seeks to go steady. She takes off to hinterland Gujarat, her mission in life post heartbreak being to work for the progress of a remote village called Jhumli. It is only a matter of a few reels before Sriram sets off to Jhumli to win back Dia.

Director Punit Malhotra and his cowriter Arshad Syed operate with minimum script that barely holds any surprise. The idea would still click if there were the magic moments to trigger off chemistry between the lead pair. You hardly spot any. For a rom- com, Gori Tere Pyr Mein! runs low on the ' rom' quotient, still lower on the ' com' factor.

Noble as Dia's societal mission is made out to be, this is not a film meant to diligently highlight the plight of rural India.

Rather her activism becomes an excuse to carry forward the love story. It also lends to melodrama. The soppy mood takes over whenever Malhotra runs out of ideas.

The narrative is plastic in the way it creates its characters. Every protagonist suffers from weak writing. Anupam Kher returning as the villainous district collector makes for a cardboard cutout baddie, the sort you would think vanished from the Bollywood screen a while back.

Imran especially gets a grossly sketchy hero to play out and his performance is far from convincing. As it is, the actor's persona hardly suits an upwardly mobile Bangalorean. Sriram's morphing, from a shallow city dude to a guy who acquires a sense of responsibility after his brush with heartland India, is very filmi, too.

It is left to Kareena to salvage the show, which she does to an extent. In the end, the burden of a boring script is too overwhelming for her to leave an impact.

Tooh hoots -- sorry, two stars -- for all of it, what else.

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For a rom- com, Gori Tere Pyr Mein! runs low on the ' rom' quotient and lower on the ' com' factor.

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:Nov 23, 2013
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