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Too much, too late.

Byline: MARTIN LEWIS The money saving expert

Q I'd like your opinion of insurance companies that penalise young drivers who work nights, like my grandson. To keep costs down, he has a box fitted by the insurance company to monitor his driving. But as he works nights and drives to work, he is deducted points. Surely there should be some allowance made as he's driving for work? Mick

Martin says: I feel your frustration Mick, but I think your grandson has just chosen the wrong policy. There are many "black box" policies which measure driving.

Some do it by time, some on how you drive, and some a combination. His clearly has a time element, and they will argue that driving late may be more dangerous, even on a night shift. He could try contacting them, but I doubt it'll work.

So instead he should try a different insurer. For example, Insure The Box and Coverbox offer black box policies that don't penalise night time drivers.

And my young drivers' guide has many other ways to cut costs.

If there's a while to go before renewal, assuming he hasn't claimed this year, if he finds one cheaper, for an admin fee of around PS50 he should be able to cancel and get a pro rata refund for the rest of the year (though obviously he won't gain a no claims bonus).

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 23, 2016
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