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Too many women not on safe pill.

TOO many women are not using the safest brands of the Pill, studies out today suggest.

All types of the combined pill increase the risk of venous thrombosis but some carry higher risks than others, they said.

Venous thrombosis includes deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the leg or arm and pulmonary embolism.

The first study published today found women taking pills containing a progestogen called levonorgestrel (for example, Microgynon) had the lowest risk of thrombosis.

Meanwhile, those on contraceptives containing desogestrel (for example, Mercilon or Marvelon) had the highest risk.

Current advice from the NHS is that women should be on pills containing levonorgestrel but today's research highlights that many may not be.

A total of 1,524 women who had suffered a thrombosis were followed for the study, led by experts at Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

All the women were aged under 50, were not pregnant and had not given birth in the previous month.

Of the group, which had an average age of 37, 859 had suffered a deep vein thrombosis of the leg, 495 had had a pulmonary embolism and 111 had had both.

Another 59 had suffered DVT in their arm.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Aug 14, 2009
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