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Too many suffered in silence.

WITH reference to Terry Daley's article (January 3) "PS15,000 payoff for my hell at the hands of nuns" - I am sure there are lots of people of a similar age who can very much understand his sad story.

I myself was brought up in the Catholic faith in the fifties. We were terrified of the nuns especially if we never knew our catechism. The parish priest also in most cases was one to be feared.

The Catholic faith has us believing if we missed mass on a Sunday or a Holy day of obligation we had a mortal sin on our soul.

This mortal sin could only be cleared by going to confession.

I passed the 11 plus, going to a Technical High School for boys which was run by Dominion brothers, they had a love of the cane. The abuse carried on. Even at a late age in senior school. I would look in to church to see what robes the priest was wearing on a Sunday, if I had missed mass in case we were asked at school during the week.

At 16, I was glad to leave school but still carry the scars of my schooldays in my head to this day.

I am sure with Mr Daley, it was never about money, just some form of justice and closure for himself.

Well done Mr Daley for having the bottle to take on the Catholic Church.

Thousand and thousands of us have suffered in silence but we have never forgotten.

Peter Creaby, Liverpool

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 10, 2016
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