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Too many cooks do not spoil the cous-cous: Islamists of Tunisia call for more wives.

NO to polygamy in Tunisia One of these "newly born islamist", is The head of a Tunisian Islamist association, "Tunisian Moderate Association for Awareness and Reform, formerly known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice" Adel ELMI, who is calling the Tunisian government to legalise polygamy and to cancel all laws that contradict Islamic principles.

The practice was permitted in Islam and should be legalized if it in the interest of Tunisian society so said Elmi at Al-Jazeera.

Metal , Satanism , El Sawy DejEa Vu we are back in 1996 You may have heard that the lawyer of Freedom and Justice Party "FJP" Ismail El Weshahy reported the famous El Sawy Culture wheel center to the ministry of interior for hosting satanic rituals and bands in Egypt !!

Those Satanic bands in Egypt are actually Metal music bands !!!! Yes 1996 dejEa vu once again !!

Cafe owners protesting for their arguileh What I believe these businessmen are missing is that the main reason for people go to coffee places for is basically to socialize, gathering around an arguileh is of course a reason, but I highly doubt people will stop going to restaurants if arguileh is banned as they will still need to get together over a lunch, dinner, dessert, or even a cup of coffeeC*

Let the sun shine throughC* Fed up of politicsC* yes I know that today is an important milestone for Bahrain jurisprudence with the impending Appeal Court decision regarding the 21 political leaders and other assorted activists, but even with that, let's just pose a second and enjoy these flowersC* and the calm.

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Date:Sep 5, 2012
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