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Too fast for speed cameras myth.

ONE in five motorists mistakenly think they can go fast enough to beat a speed camera,it was revealed yesterday.

In reality, a vehicle would need to be travelling at 171mphor above to technically ``outrun'' a standard speed camera.

The speed camera misconception is just one of a series of motoring myths outlined by the Tesco Motor Insurance company.

Based on its own survey and also findings from Top Gear magazine,Tesco revealed that some drivers mistakenly believe: You do not have to tell your motor insurer if you have fewer than six points on your licence;p You cannot be booked by police officers if they are not wearing their hats; You cannot pick up points for speeding in a hire car;p You cannot be booked for driving too slowly;Speed cameras can only catch cars in the left-handlane.

Allan Burns,of Tesco Motor Insurance, said: ``It seems motoring myths and misconceptions are alive and well.

``Clearly it's best to know the facts to avoid the addition of points to your licence and the removal of pounds from your wallet.''
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 26, 2004
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