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Too extreme.

Mandie Green's piece in your January/ February issue on the extreme conditions that push some personal assistants over the edge was an eye-opener. I have just entered the personal-assisting field, and I work for a very nice boss. I simply can't imagine getting to the point where I would kill my employer. I have heard "horror" stories from other assistants I have met, but they all chose to quit when they realized that their employers were not going to change their behaviors. I don't understand why any assistant would allow things to get to that point. Why not quit if it becomes unbearable? Obviously, some assistants stay in spite of the worst conditions. Why they do is a mystery to me.

Michael B.

Seattle, WA

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Title Annotation:Have Your Say ...
Author:B., Michael
Publication:Celeb Staff Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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