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Too bumpy to guarantee tracking.


I AGREE with recents letters Bumpy In Brotton (22.0/9.08) and Paying The Penalty For Boy Racers (23.09.08) about these monstrous speed bumps which are wrecking cars in the Cleveland area.

After leaving Brotton, there isn't another speed bump anywhere all the way to Whit by (19 miles) and only a camera speed sign at Easington and slow down "light up" sign at Whit by West Cliff.

The same applies from Skelton to Nunthorpe and Middlesbrough Golf Club - not a speed bump to be seen, only a "light up" speed sign going out of Nunthorpe.

Yet we have 23 of these monstrosities in Skelton area - six down Saltburn Lane which are so steep that cars are bottoming out on them. Are they illegal?

I recently wrote to the Prime Minister and Department for Transport and their reply said that tests proved these bumps didn't damage cars. Why is it then that every garage you go to says that their tyre sales, suspension and brake repairs have gone up 75% since bumps were installed?

I paid pounds 50 to have the tracking done on my car and when I asked for a guarantee was told they he couldn't give me one as the first speed bump I went over could knock it out of alignment again.

When I was in Spain recently they were removing speed bumps up as the government were unable to pay for all the claims for compensation. It is about time we started to do the same over here.



IRON OUT BUMPS: Work starts on Redcar prom in April 2005 Picture by Michelle Maddison
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 9, 2008
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