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Tony Trujillo.

ALRIGHT TONY, it's time to pass the title on. How did the year treat you?

Well, it was fucking bad-ass; probably the most memorable year of my life--between Vegas and Tampa, Marseilles, and most recently our Australia trip. It's been a bitchin' year for me.

How many contests did you win in 2003?

Vegas, Tampa ... I just won another one while we were in Australia called the Caloundra Skate Jam or something.

Which one was the most fun?

Vegas, for sure.

Because of the money?

No, I had never been to a contest like that. The whole thing was just rad--the way they formatted it, and being at the Hard Rock. It was great. King of the Road, too, was the best time, besides this last trip to Australia.

Do you and Appleyard text message each other on your Boost phones?

Ha ha. No. I don't text message anyone except Ashleah. Damion at Boost needs to get his shit together; he said he was going to fix my phone so I can get on the web and he always forgets. I do two-way Peter Hewitt all the time, though.

What does Mark need to know in order to wear the SOTY crown?

Don't work too hard; just do what you've been doing. I don't think he needs advice. He's doing it.

Are you working on anything right now?

I want to work on our music--getting our music into skate videos. We're going to do King of the Road again. Since we won, we get to do it again this year.

What else is up with your band?

We have to work on our music first, and get some original shit. We're working on at least five songs right now. Until we get enough for an album, we'll just keep practicing. We've been mostly playing covers and that's boring.

What's the name?

We don't have a name. We've had numerous attempts at names, but then we find out that they've all been used.

That's what you should call it.

Numerous Attempts?

Yeah. Does being SOTY put you under the influence of bad people?

What the hell does that mean?

Nikki Sixx: Friend or foe?

Aw, dude, you know the answer to that one--definitely not a friend.

What's up with the Anti-Hero video?

When Tents Attack. Peter made a video out of his footage and called it that, because we slept in tents in Australia everywhere we went. We'd have like 12 tents; it was tent city all over.

Is the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce profiting from your success?

No, I don't think anyone even knows about it.

No hometown hero parades or anything?

That's a definite no. I don't think anyone knows, 'cause, the skatepark is like a century old. They don't do anything with skateboarding anymore.

Who should be the next SOTY?

Well, me and my homies have been talking and we think that Danny Way should get it.

You can't get it twice.

Who says? Then Ernie Tortes for Skater of the Year. He skates everything no mater what it is. And he always has a smile on his face--he's the goofiest little weirdo. You'd have to skate with him to understand.

Are you pissed that Mark's check was bigger than yours?

I don't care ... why, how much was his? Fourteen hundred dollars, because he was the 14th SOTY.

Oh, well, mine says 13 and that's way cooler.

Are you bummed that your SOTY ride is up?

Fuck no! Now I'm King of the Road!
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Title Annotation:Passing The Torch
Author:Byrnes, Lindsey
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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