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Tony Tiger.

Tony Hawk is apparently recovering from the blunt force drama of having been a corpse on television's CSIMiami and from the indignity of discovering that he is on a CD inside boxes of Kellogg's sugar-coated Frosted Flakes. Hawk ventured forth to the opening of Black Pearl Park on Grand Cayman, where he rode with Chet Childress, Steve Nesser, Staab, Omar Hassan, Matt Dove, Darren Navarrette, and Mike McIntyre, the designer of this extravaganza. Was Tony's visit there all business? Or was it a all just a barely disguised foray for the Birdman to resume training on Pearl's Flowrider wave generating machine?

The fallout from the rollout of the Lords of Dogtown media spectacle is starting to descend. Lord Art Shows, Dog Skatepark Jams, Sony Columbia TriStar Adidas Premieres, and book Concrete Dog Boy Signing tours are all occurring. Already, certain Dogs are allegedly discovering that they are not being invited to the events. Are the age-old neighborhood vendettas being reactivated or is it just coincidence that certain types are being tagged by the studio for exposure? An MTV docu shoot at the Pink Motel saw Alva and Peralta being featured, but where were others such as Jay Boy Adams, Jeff Ho, and Red Dog Muir? Brian Zarate, the Harper triplets and Block held down the strictly core values though.

And who is in the running to be the next big surf/skate media mogul? Insiders are picking Quiksilver VP Danny Kwock who is said to be about to reap a personal 50-million-dollar reward when Volcom stock goes public. Kwock is deep in filmic projects such as the Tribes of Palos Verdes.
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Title Annotation:TRASH
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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