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Tony Soprano's Appointment with Dr. Melfi.

 you probably t'ink I'm a regular prejudicial prick, but
I got Carmela and da kids to worry about
 dis ain't like when my ol' man was around, dem coloreds had
deir neighborhood, we had ours
wit'out sayin' it, we knew where da bound'ries were. you
didn't have all dis crossin' into uddah territory
so Meadow brings one of dem home. dey're on da couch watching TV
you believe dat?! fifty t'ousand dollars to send her to Columbia
College, and she brings home an Oreo
dis guys a regular Richard Pryor when i'm talkin' to him.
cocksucker curses me out when i tell him not to see my daughter anymore
Carmela t'inks i'm pushing our girl away
will you stop it wit' da looks, already, you're disappointed
but we're both parents, we want what's best for our kids.
you've seen da guns, drugs, and whores in dese rap videos,
everyt'ings a party wit' dese people
how's dis different from my life?
oh so you breakin' my balls, now well, we're very quiet how we
handle t'ings, don't like a whole lot of show
but da bright jerseys and doo-rags, dey're a regular Sammy Davis
out dere. Feds would spot dem right away.
dis Irv Gotti character. you believe dis guy, taking a good name like
cocksucker calls his label Murder Inc. and wonders why he's picked
up for extortion. dat kind of stupid stuff.
so AJ t'inks da world owe 'em like dat Shakur character.
da troot is, i'm so sick of dese moolies mocking what we do in dere
Snoopity Dogg t'inks he's da Doggfadda, he don't want
Tony Soprano to t'row him a bone
instead of bugging my house, da Feds should be after da industry
dat's supporting dis.
my uncle Junior survived dis business and cancer, but somet'ing
like dis would kill da old man. 
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Author:King, Alan (American poet)
Publication:Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire
Article Type:Poem
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2008
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