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Tony Abbott Mocked in U.S. News Program, Aussies Cringe on Twitter.

Aussies have turned to Twitter as they cringed in embarrassment after U.S. satirical news program, "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," aired a segment mocking Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The HBO show devoted its regular segment, "Other Countries' Presidents of the USA," to the Australian Prime Minister by presenting video clips of Tony Abbott's most embarrassing career blunders. The show tried to explain the 30 percent rating on performance satisfaction that the current leader got for May 16-18.

According to the satirical segment of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,"Tony Abbott is a hard right-wing prime minister who rose to power promising to be pro-business and religiously anti-immigration- literally anti-immigration."

The show then quoted a video clip from Abbott's appearance on ABC's Q&A program to support its point of view.

"Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it is not necessarily everyone's place to come to Australia," Abbot said. According to the narrator, Australia is for real Australians like the prime minister who hailed from London in the UK.

Abbott's roasting did not end there, the narrator also cited the Australia's prime minister tributes insults and love of Australian children. It showed a clip of a child quoting his mom calling the Australian leader as Tony Dumb-Dumb.

The narrator then asked: "What is it about Tony Dumb-Dumb that's led to his current approval rating of 30 percent?"

He added with another preemptive question citing it could be because Abbott personally insulted everyone else in the country from women to gays to anyone remotely Irish to elderly cancer-ridden phone sex workers.

Tony Abbott was further described as a man who is master of words and can tuck himself out of any situation. The narrator then mentioned, "Yes Tony Abbott knows that one panic pan shooting expression is worth a thousand words. And what a way with words Tony Abbot has."

While the Americans watching the HBO's satirical show laugh their hearts out, Australians could only cringe in embarrassment on Twitter.

One user @dahmerlovesong said, "Americans are laughing at us . . let that sink in." Another user @LycraJedi mentioned that the show is funny and sad but true and another user @ShawReuben agreed: "Jokes on us! Now the Yanks are having fun with Abbott!"

Watch the YouTube video of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" mocking Tony Abbot by clicking

( ) here .

Read the tweets below:

Americans are laughing at us . . let that sink in Tony Abbott - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: ( via ( @YouTube

- Reb (@dahmerlovesong) ( June 2, 2014

Funny and sad but true ,video Gold The USA now taking the piss Tony Abbott - Last Week Tonight - ( via ( @DailymotionUSA - Sir Lycra O Jedi (@LycraJedi) ( June 2, 2014

Tony Abbott - Last Week Tonight - ( via ( @DailymotionUSA Jokes on us! Now the Yanks are having fun with Abbott!

- I'm for Scuba (@ShawReuben) ( June 2, 2014

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