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Tonight's TV.

Byline: Jade Wright

BEN Shephard is the chirpy all-rounder who we all used to love waking up with in the mornings. Read into that as you so wish.

Ben has been sorely missed by many since they days of GMTV.

Okay, so he's popped up occasionally on Sky Sports and done the odd programme for ITV, such as the recent Harry Potter special, but for those of us who appreciate his cheeky grin, it's nice to have him back on mainstream telly on a more permanent basis.

Ben will be hosting game show Safebreakers (Sky1, 8pm) in which two teams compete to reach and unlock a safe containing pounds 5,000. However, there is a catch (of course there is) - they must first build a vehicle, with limited budget and materials, to take them to said safe.


This is easy viewing that won't tax the brain too much, so sit back and allow yourself to forget it's only Monday...

... ? IF you're looking for something a bit more highbrow, Victoria Coren presents Only Connect (BBC Four, 8.30pm), the quiz show that gives our brains a little food for thought of an evening.

University Challenge contestants have got nothing on the guys that take part in this series.

Quite frankly, it's astounding just how knowledgeable they are.

Okay, so it won't make you feel great about yourself (top marks if you manage to crack even one of the questions within a couple of clues), and you're likely to have jaw ache after watching a full episode, but it's still worth a look.

To kick of this new series (yes, really, it's the fifth), three vegetarians take on a trio of social networking enthusiasts who met online.

They have to think laterally to make connections between things that at first do not appear to be linked; including figuring out what links a newspaper's political column and a popular Beano character.

Good luck with that.

. ? IT'S that time of year when the nation's stand-ups descend on Edinburgh in hope of impressing a TV producer who will pluck them from obscurity and offer them their own series.

Show Me the Funny (ITV1, 9pm) is offering one lucky comedian a fasttrack to fame and fortune that doesn't involve spending the next five years trudging round the club circuit.

Whoever wins this talent show - think The X Factor for comedians - will pick up pounds 100,000, their own DVD and the chance to headline a national tour. And that's definitely no laughing matter.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 15, 2011
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