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Toni, Alex Gonzaga reveal they both had a crush on Patrick Garcia.

Whenever Toni and Alex Gonzaga are together, one can expect that no secret remains hidden. The celebrity siblings divulged there was a time when they both had a crush on actor Patrick Garcia.

It came as no surprise when the two, particularly Alex, went unfiltered on their celebrity crushes on 'Tonight with Boy Abunda' yesterday, Dec. 19. When the photo of Garcia was flashed on the screen, Alex began laughing uncontrollably.

'Well totoo yan Tito Boy. Tinatawagan namin yung landline nya at sya ang nagpapatawag sa 'kin,' Alex admitted, pointing at her sister as the mastermind behind the calls to Garcia.

(Well, that's true Tito Boy. We used to call his landline and Toni was the one who asked me to call him.)

Toni said in defense that when the youth-oriented comedy variety show 'Ang TV', where Garcia was part of, became famous, the 'phone numbers' of Garcia and Gio Alvarez made rounds in their schools.

It was not clear, however, if the numbers the two dialled were really that of the two actors'. Upon learning they had a way to contact their crush, Toni asked the help of Alex to call the actor.

'Sila muna ang tatawag 'tas siguro napagbagsakan na sila 'tas ako na lang (Toni and her friends would call first, and when perhaps, the owner hung up, I would be the one left [to make the call]),' Alex recounted. The Gonzaga sisters later apologized to Garcia for the calls they made.

Alex shared that Toni also had an immense crush on Canadian actor Devon Sawa who was famous for starring in the 1995 fantasy film 'Casper'. Because she loves copying her older sister, she also told her schoolmates that she has a crush on Sawa.

'Devon if you're watching, she crush you,' quipped Alex.

When Piolo Pascual's photo was flashed on the screen, Alex joked that the actor courted her. Toni recounted that there was a time when Pascual knocked while she was with Alex in her dressing room.

Thinking Pascual was looking for her, and not wanting to talk to him, she hid from him. Imagine her surprise when she realized Pascual came to talk to Alex and not her.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Dec 20, 2018
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