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Tong Peal at Potato Europe.

Tong Peal Engineering, leading designer and manufacturer of agricultural handling and sorting equipment, presented a number of new products from its 2012 range at the Potato Europe exhibit.

As well as showcasing its market leading box-filling equipment, Tong Peal also had a working model of its market leading grader on display--The Caretaker 2012, which was commissioned for specialist local French potato producer Bayard distribution, just before the event.

Used at Bayard for the gentle and accurate handling of over 12 varieties of salad potatoes, all sized between 18-28mm, the bespoke Caretaker features Tong Peal's new generation crop cleaning system- the EasyClean separator, with HMI touch-screen control, allowing quick, easy and automatic alterations to speed and roller direction, for different crop and cleaning conditions.

The EasyClean is the only separator on the market to feature inverter driven electric motors on every shaft, ensuring gentle handling of crop and guaranteeing minimal maintenance. The electric motors not only improve throughput quality, but can also improve overall energy efficiency by up to 50 percent, when compared to earlier models of the grader. "With a need to handle small sized crop, it was vital to put in place a process that was as accurate and effective as possible," said Francoise Bayard of Bayard Distribution. "The design needed to incorporate mechanised processing and gentle handling, whilst focusing on improving throughput efficiency.

"A key feature for us was the inclusion of a bespoke integrated stone and clod separator, as stones and debris can not only damage machinery, but also bruise crop," added Francoise.

"Bayard's Caretaker features the newly designed EasyGrade module with integrated stone and clod separator, which removes the need for multiple machines," said Charlie Rich, export manager of Tong Peal. "The Caretaker is robust and reliable, offering effective cleaning and grading of up to 60 tonnes per hour.

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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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