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Tone up in 10 minutes with GMTV's Jenni Falconer; GET A BIKINI BODY DY WITH THESE SIMPLE EXERCISES.


IT'S the hottest range of DVDs out there.

Shifting tens of thousands of copies and hitting the No 1 spot in the Amazon fitness chart, the 10 Minute Solution series is now Britain's biggest-selling EVER.

Now their latest DVD, Belly, Butt and Thigh Blaster! is hitting the shelves just in time to help you shape up for summer.

The cleverly-designed programme show how just 10 minutes of targeted exercise can work wonders to shift stubborn flab.

And thanks to the new DVD, one person who now has no fear of the bikini is TV presenter Jenni Falconer.

Looking at her lean figure, it's hard to believe that she's ever worried about her weight, but she admits to having once been a puffy-faced Size 16.

Having slimmed down to a Size 8, she swears by regular exercise to keep herself in trim, and is a big fan of Belly, Butt and Thigh Blaster!

"It was when I was a student that I got really big," recalls Jenni, 34. "I'd be studying in the day and snacking on anything to hand. Then I'd spend the evening drinking pints of cider in the student union bar and reaching for whatever bar food came to hand."

She shudders at the memory of one day having to buy a new skirt. "It was a Size 16," she says. "I can't tell you what I weighed because I don't know. I never, ever weigh myself. But my fellow students from those days still tease me about having had three chins."

Realising that her weight was getting out of control, Jenni took up exercise. "At the beginning it was a big deal if I could run for 15 minutes without stopping," she says. "But I soon built up my fitness."

Since then, running has become a big part of her life. In fact, tomorrow she is to take part in the London Marathon for the second time - and 10 Minute Solutions has become a vital part of her training.

"This year, I'm running for two charities - the Malcolm Sargent CLIC charity for children and Virgin Unite," she says. "Last year my time was three hours and 53 minutes. If I can finish in three-anda-half hours or under, a lot of my sponsors have said they'll double their money. So no pressure!

I've been doing my running training, but I've also been using the Belly, Butt & Thigh Blaster DVD. When I come in from a run, I like to do one of the exercises because my body feels relaxed.

"I know when I put on weight, I get love handles straight away. I'm thinking now about getting into a bikini not too far down the line and I want to look as toned in those areas as possible.

"This DVD comes with a piece of equipment called a sculpting loop. It's like a giant rubber band which lets you battle against your own weight - the best sort of resistance workout you can do.

"The beauty of the DVD really is in the timing. "It's just so easy to squeeze in to a busy day. You really will start to see results.

Pop on your favourite music CD - or do the exercises while you're watching Corrie, like I do, which helps to take your mind off the pain!"

Jenni has another incentive to get in shape - this year she's set to marry her actor fianc James Midgely, former star of Cutting It. The pair got engaged in August in New York on James's birthday.

"It was a complete surprise and very romantic," says Jenni.

Although she's not revealing the wedding date, she's obviously keen on looking her absolute best for the big day.

And she's recently had to face even more of a challenge - posing in her undies in an advertising campaign for lingerie firm Ultimo.

"It was pretty embarrassing walking around in a bra and G -string in front of loads of men," she says. "But the campaign was aimed at women. There was no push-up bra, no oiled legs, no come-hither look."

The first day the ads appeared in the press in Scotland, James received lots of ribbing on Twitter. Jenni says: "He replied with a picture of me in my undies with a note next to it saying, 'I'm with her'!"

Jenni first made her name on Entertainment Today - the Friday GMTV programme she co-presen with Ben Shephard.

She now has a regular slot presented the National Lottery show on BBC1. "I love my work so much I don't like days off," she says. "Recently, for GMTV, I was thrilled to cover the Brits and Dancing On Ice."

But when she's not working she's concentrating on her fitness. "I can honestly say I'm the fittest I've ever been," she says. "The only reason I'm happy with the way I look is because I do so much exercise - and I like the way it makes me feel."

Judging by these pictures, we think you look good too, Jenni...


How to get a good workout



LIE on your back with hands behind your ears. Raise your shoulders from the floor till you are bending up at 45 degrees. Start to perform a cycling motion with the sculpting loop just above the knees, touching elbows to alternate knees.

LIE on your back with your arms by your sides. With feet together and the sculpting loop around your ankles, raise your legs slowly until your feet are over your head - holding stomach muscles taut.

FROM the floor, raise yourself up on to your fingertips, keeping your torso at a 45-degree angle to the floor. With the band around the thighs, extend one leg and bend the other. Bring your bent leg towards your stomach. Then change legs.

STAND with your legs apart and hands in front of you, gripping the sculpting loop. Dip down into a squat, count to 10 and come back up again slowly. You should feel the tension in your buttocks.

STAND with your legs together, sculpting loop around your calves. Stretch your hands out in front of you, bend forward from the waist and lift your leg as close as you get get to 45 degree angle. You will really feel the burn. Then repeat with other leg.

STAND with band around your calves, turn one leg outwards and extend the leg backwards. Keeping torso tight, stretch forward, extending opposite arm. Change legs.


WITH the sculpting loop around your calves, stand with your arms extended in front of you and twist your torso one way while scissoring your leg in small movements in the opposite direction - you should feel the strain in the side of your thigh. Then repeat with the other leg.

WITH arms extended above your head and sculpting loop around your calves, lift your leg as far as the band will allow - in gentle pulsing movements. Then repeat with other leg.

STAND straight with your arms extended. With the band around your calves, gently raise and extend one leg diagonally behind you, then lower. Feel the burn in the back of legs and thighs. Change legs.


WE'VE got 1,000 new copies of Belly, Butt & Thigh Blasters! - the hot new fitness DVD used by Jenni Falconer - to give away.

Research shows that 30-60 minutes of activity broken into segments of 10-15 minutes through the day delivers big health benefits.

So this 10 Minute Solutions programme - presented by Jessica Smith - is a fitness regime you can fit into your busy day.

Each DVD is designed to produced maximum effect. Custom programming feature allows you to mix and match your favourites - or do them all for the ultimate bootcamp experience. 10 Minute Solutions brings real results.

So get your entry in now!


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1. Lines close 6pm Friday April 30, 2010. BT landline calls cost 60p per min max 2 mins. Other networks/ mobiles/payphones may vary. Text/internet entries are charged at pounds 1 each plus std network rate. 2. One thousand winners selected at random after lines close from all correct entries received. 3. Each: 1 x copy of The 10 Minute Solution - Belly Butt And Thigh Blasters! DVD, with resistance band, rrp pounds 9.99 delivered within 28 days of competition closing. 4. Prizes not transferable, no whole/part cash alternatives. 5. Std Trinity Mirror plc rules apply, see Service Provider: Eckoh UK Ltd, PO Box 206, HP3 9FT Tel: 01442 450707 - Better Booty Camp


10 Minute Solutions Belly, Butt & Thigh Blasters! is available online and in selected stores priced pounds 9.99. Other top-selling titles in the series include Blast off Belly Fat, Target Toning and Pilates Perfect Body.


Jenni with co-presenter Ben on GMTV Completing last year's London Marat thon Jenni's fitness programme has earned her the perfect bikini body Looking a little chubbier while presenting the BBC's The Big Country in the late 90s
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