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Tommy has brought someone to pull out someone's tongue.. SHERIDAN COURT SENSATION ORGY CLAIM WITNESS TELLS OF PHONE 'THREAT'.


A WOMAN who claims she saw Tommy Sheridan in a three-in-a-bed sex romp yesterday told how she was threatened with violence.

The warning was aimed at 52-year-old Helen Allison and her pal Ann Colvin, who saw the MSP in a hotel bedroom, the Court of Session heard.

After speaking to a newspaper about what they witnessed, the women were warned that if they said anything they "would be dealt with".

Miss Allison recalled receiving a phone call from a woman she identified as Jackie White, adding: "She said to me: 'You don't know what you are dealing with.

"'Tommy Sheridan has brought someone up from England to pull out someone's tongue so you don't know what you are dealing with.'"

Miss Allison told the court that in June 2004, she, then-friend Jackie White and Ann Colvin agreed to go to a "VIP party" at the Moat House Hotel in Glasgow. Miss Allison said: "I saw Tommy Sheridan having sex with a female at the bottom of the bed and another man sitting on the bed putting on a condom."

Asked by Mike Jones, QC for the New of the World, how she knew it was Sheridan, Miss Allison replied: "Because I know [him] from the newspaper. He smiled at me."

She didn't speak again to Jackie White until January last year, when the woman phoned her. It was then she alleges the threat was made.

Miss Allison said Ms Colvin had contacted the News of the World after it printed articles about Mr Sheridan's sex life in 2004. She revealed she was paid pounds 1,000 by the paper only for discussions to break down.

Meanwhile, Sheridan's ex-lover, Anvar Khan, 38, said she was was called "a f****** whore" by one of his friends over revelations that he visited swingers' club Cupid's. Khan said she was subjected to a "verbal attack" on a Glasgow street.

The News of the World columnist also denied suggestions from Graeme Henderson, representing Sheridan, that she was put under pressure from the tabloid to sign a sworn statement about the Cupid's visit.

When it was put to her that she had told a representative of the National Union of Journalists she signed the document to protect a business arrangement with the newspaper, Khan replied: "I do not recall saying that."

But she admitted she did "consider" seeking pounds 30,000 for a "kiss-and-tell" story in advance of the publication of her book "Pretty Wild".

Sheridan, 42, is suing the News of the World for pounds 200,000. The trial continues.


KHAN: Wing evidence
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 12, 2006
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