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Tomato Production, Processing and Technology.

Now that colour printing is so much easier this edition now carries a full colour front cover featuring just tomatoes, which makes it very obvious what the text is about. Likewise, inside there are numerous full colour illustrations showing tomato defects and other noteworthy characteristics.

Readers will know that tomatoes are big business whether they are eaten raw or in a product like tomato ketchup and this substantial book reflects that importance. It is divided into three parts - production, processing and technology - and provides a complete treatise on the whole tomato business.

Like all book moving into a third edition, it has required updating in terms of the latest technology and a full revision of the information included has been carried out.

The 26 chapters carry fully explanatory titles as follows: Introduction and history of the tomato industry; Tomato culture and production for processing, Genetics in breeding of processing tomatoes; Tomato harvesting, systems and methods; Tomato handling; Tomato grading; Preparation of tomatoes for processing; Canning tomatoes; Tomato juice manufacture; Tomato pulp and paste manufacture; Tomato catsup and chili sauce manufacture; Tomato soup; Quality assurance; Quality control; Quality evaluation of processed tomatoes and tomato products; Colour and its measurement; Tomato solids; Consistency (viscosity) of tomato products; Total acidity and pH; Defects and material other than tomatoes; Flavour and flavour evaluation; Drosophila and insect control; Mould-counting methods and principles; Spoilage of canned tomatoes; and Composition of tomatoes. The text is completed by four lengthy appendixes on US Standards of identity and grades, fill of container, factors of quality, definitions, inspections and score sheets, Food and drug administration Part 53 - tomato products, and quality control and evaluation forms. Obviously, this is often American notation but it is no less interesting for all that.
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Date:Oct 1, 1992
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