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TomTec Imaging Systems Announces the Market Introduction of its New and Innovative 3D Sono-Scan Product Line.

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MUNICH, Germany--(BW HealthWire)--July 30, 2001

TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH, a worldwide leader in three-dimensional ultrasound technology (3D/4D ultrasound), is introducing the 3D Sono-Scan(c), its new 3D ultrasound solution for Radiology and Ob/Gyn.

The 3D Sono-Scan(c) is the response to the worldwide demand for a clinical-oriented 3D ultrasound tool. The 3D Sono-Scan(c) workstation is a cost-effective and easy-to-use device for acquisition, processing and analysis of three-dimensional ultrasound images. 3D Sono-Scan(c) technology is applicable in a multitude of imaging aspects in the field of Radiology, Ob/Gyn and Vascular ultrasound.

The 3D Sono-Scan(c) workstation is an add-on solution and is compatible with any standard ultrasound system.

Simple and rapid data acquisition is accomplished by utilizing standard ultrasound equipment, including regular abdominal, vascular and endovaginal transducer technology. The workflow-oriented user interface allows the easy integration of 3D data acquisition into clinical routine.

TomTec's sophisticated sensor-less, free-hand acquisition technology is only one of the key features of the 3D Sono-Scan(c) workstation. Real-time 3D rendering of grayscale and color images makes the 3D Sono-Scan(c) a superior 3D ultrasound reconstruction engine and allows the representation of anatomical structures in their three-dimensional shape.

State-of-the-art software algorithms identify tissues and chambers and allow the 3D Sono-Scan(c) to display realistic three-dimensional representations of pelvic organs, vascular and fetal anatomy. It considerably helps to assess size, shape and position of anatomical structures to evaluate and visualize pathological findings like masses, lesions and defects in a very comprehensive way. Utilizing the 3D-Scalpel and Eraser functionality of the 3D Sono-Scan(c) enables the extraction of dedicated anatomical structures in three dimensions. Powerful reporting features allow exporting static and dynamic 3D images into standard file formats. Images and reports can be archived digitally and a hardcopy can be obtained with a conventional printer.

"By acquiring Color Doppler and Power Doppler images, the 3D Sono-Scan(c) can display and reconstruct color flow patterns in their three-dimensional complexity. Tumor vascularization, liver and kidney vessel tree displays are only a few of the comprehensive 3D Sono-Scan(c) applications," says Bernhard Mumm, CTO and President.

Frank Schlau, TomTec's Senior VP Sales & Marketing, adds: "With the introduction of the 3D Sono-Scan(c), TomTec adds a cost-effective, but yet powerful and flexible, solution to its product portfolio. This provides our customers with clinically relevant technology and it reinforces TomTec's position as an industry leader."

About TomTec

TomTec headquarters are located in Munich, Germany. TomTec's international operations include offices in key markets worldwide. TomTec maintains close working relationships with many leading universities and ultrasound manufacturers. With a large installed base of close to 1,000 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound systems, TomTec holds a leadership position in 3D/4D and digital ultrasound. TomTec's product line encompasses a wide range of 2D and 3D/4D technology for acquisition, analysis and reconstruction of ultrasound data. The product line is applicable to the fields of adult and pediatric cardiology as well as Ob/Gyn, Radiology, and Vascular.

For more information, please contact: Frank Schlau at TomTec Imaging Systems, GmbH -- Munich, Germany, +49-89-32175-500 (, or visit our website at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 30, 2001
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