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Tom Sheridan, Australia's Own Cold War: The Waterfront under Menzies.

Tom Sheridan, Australia's Own Cold War: the waterfront under Menzies, MUP, Melbourne, 2006, xiv + 391 pages; ISBN 978 0 522 85385 8.

Vital for Australia's economy, the waterfront was a political football long before the dramatic dispute of 1998. The election of Robert Menzies in 1949 set the scene for a clash of titanic proportions with the Communist-dominated waterside workers who had won hard-fought battles for improved conditions since the Depression. In the 1950s the waterfront took over from the coalfields as the crisis area of Australian industrial relations. Tom Sheridan is an economic historian who goes beyond the propaganda of the era to analyse the true causes of waterfront unrest.

Anne-Maree Whitaker

Book Review Editor
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Author:Whitaker, Anne-Maree
Publication:Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 1, 2007
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