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Tolman honored as Agribusiness Leader of the Year.


The National Agri-Marketing Association awarded Rick Tolman, CEO, National Corn Growers Association, the distinction of 2008 Agribusiness Leader of the Year. The award was presented at the Opening General Session of the 2008 Agri-Marketing Conference, April 17, 2008, in Kansas City, Mo.

The award recognizes outstanding leaders in agribusiness, education, government service or other agribusiness related areas who personify excellence in agribusiness through their significant contributions to the industry.

As chief executive officer of the National Corn Growers Association, Tolman has been a driving force in solidifying the demand for corn. Today, ethanol has become a symbol of corn grower success.

The many successes corn producers enjoyed in 2007 distinguish Tolman among his peers. NCGA's work in Congress--on the energy bill, Water Resources Development Act, free trade agreements and developing the farm bill--greatly benefited corn growers and all of agriculture in general.

With foresight and planning, Tolman led the NCGA Corn Board in its mid-2006 strategic plan to call for production of 15 billion bushels of corn, of which 5 billion bushels can be used for the production of 15 billion gallons of ethanol by 2015. This blueprint was instrumental in the historic energy legislation signed by President George W. Bush in December 2007.

In his role as CEO of NCGA, Tolman takes his obligation as a leader to educate and inform about the contribution of farmers to U.S. agriculture seriously. Examples of this leadership include NCGA's participation in key initiatives that promote the benefits of ethanol, including spear-heading a study on the positive impact of ethanol development to rural communities; leading the charge in dispelling food versus fuel myths to consumers, agriculture and Capitol Hill; participating in multiple speaking engagements both in and out of agriculture to educate audiences on the environmental, economic and energy benefits of ethanol; pushing for continual studies and development of dried distillers' grains; and, most importantly, successfully seeking an increase in the production of starch-based ethanol in the renewable fuels standard.

Tolman is also a member of the Sustainable Agriculture steering committee of the Keystone Center and recently participated in Washington University's committee to the International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy and Sustainability. He is also a member of the Monsanto Grower Advisory Council.

Reaching out to agribusiness and industry remains a key priority for Tolman. He participated on NAMA's Agribusiness Forum panel in November 2006 and has spoken numerous times to the St. Louis Agribusiness Club.


Rick Tolman, CEO, National Corn Growers Association

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