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TollBridge Technologies Announces GR-303 Certification for its TB200 With Lucent 5ESS Class 5 Switches.

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 15, 2000

TollBridge's TB200 Becomes First Broadband Local Exchange Voice

Gateway to Pass Interoperability Testing on First Try

TollBridge Technologies, the leading developer of high-quality, voice-over-broadband solutions for a new generation of carriers, today announced completion of Lucent's exhaustive test suite on its TB200, confirming interoperability with Lucent's flagship 5ESS family of Class 5 local telephone switches. TollBridge's TB200 is the first carrier-grade, highly scalable, fully redundant broadband local exchange gateway to pass Lucent's GR-303 interoperability testing on the first try. The TB200 achieved documented compliance with Lucent's GR-303 based on its ability to perform according to specified criteria, including baseline testing, provisioning services, call processing, advanced call processing, and load and stress testing.

"With hundreds of millions of installed lines, Lucent's 5ESS digital switching systems represent a major component of the installed base of switches worldwide. To provide high-reliability systems for voice over broadband, competitive carriers must have the assurance of complete interoperability between all necessary elements--the TollBridge Local Exchange Gateway, the TB200, and their 5ESS switches," said Agnes Imregh, TollBridge's vice president of marketing. "Under Lucent's testing regimen, the TB200 went through extensive test suites under conditions of high voice traffic and exceeded the minimum required call completion rate of 99.99 percent. It is this kind of assurance that enables carriers to make large-scale deployments of TollBridge technology."

About TollBridge Solutions

Designed to bypass Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and deliver voice services over any broadband access technology, the TollBridge product set consists of three elements:

 -- The TB50 Integrated Access Device (IAD) converts voice samples
 from multiple calls into packets and prioritizes voice and
 data traffic for transmission over any broadband access

 -- The TB200 is a carrier-grade Local Exchange Gateway that
 translates packets back into voice and connects to Class 5
 switches using the Bellcore GR-303 protocol and new, emerging
 protocols such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and
 Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP).

 -- The TollView(TM) Management Suite is a management system that
 includes a graphical Element Management System (EMS) for
 end-to-end configuration, troubleshooting, and performance
 management of up to 100 TB200 systems from HP OpenView(TM) on
 SUN Solaris(TM) platforms.

About TollBridge Technologies

Founded in March 1998 and located in Santa Clara, Calif., TollBridge Technologies is the leading provider of voice-over-broadband solutions to a new generation of carriers. TollBridge solutions change the economics of delivering voice services by allowing carriers that own Class 5 switches to use broadband access technologies, such as DSL or cable, to bypass the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) and deliver toll-quality voice and integrated data services.

For more information about TollBridge Technologies, visit the company's Website at or contact Rich Farana at (408) 585-6114.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 15, 2000
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