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Tolerance and the Ethical Life.


Tolerance and the ethical life.

Fiala, Andrew.

Continuum Publishing Group


194 pages



Continuum studies in philosophy


Fiala (philosophy, U. of Wisconsin-Green Bay) says tolerance is a virtue for what he calls tragic communities, that is, communities that come together across differences, and lack the robust sense of connection that people seek in a utopian ideal of community. Tragic communities are the best possible type for people who are aware of their own individuality and finitude, he claims, and are typical of the sorts of communities created by philosophers engaged in dialogue with others. Among his topics are critical moral tolerance, modesty and the limits of the moral imagination, stoic tolerance, existentialism and repressive toleration, liberal toleration, liberalism and pragmatism, and Socrates beyond liberalism. Some of the nine essays have been published in journals.

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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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