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Tokyo student collects signatures to protest U.S. attacks.

NARITA, Japan, Nov. 14 Kyodo

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A Tokyo high school student said Wednesday he has teamed up with civic groups to launch a signature campaign to protest U.S.-led attacks on Afghanistan.

The network plans to submit a petition addressed to U.S. President George W. Bush to the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo on Dec. 25, said Shinichiro Tsukada, an 18-year-old third-year high school student and a representative of the network.

Tsukada, of Machida in western Tokyo, and city council members from Fujisawa in neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture started out by launching a group to protest the antiterrorism laws passed by the Diet last month.

They have collected some 1,000 signatures against the attacks in Tokyo and surrounding areas including Yokohama, since the end of October, Tsukada said.

The group merged through e-mail with an organization of university students and housewives in Chiba Prefecture east of Tokyo and a group of female city council members in western Tokyo's Tama district.

The Chiba and Tama groups had also been collecting signatures to protest the military campaign against Afghanistan.

Tsukada said the network is continuing to campaign in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward every weekend and solicit donations for a Fukuoka-based nongovernmental organization that provides medical assistance to Afghan refugees in Pakistan.
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Publication:Japan Weekly Monitor
Date:Nov 19, 2001
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