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Tokyo hotel honours new era with 900-dollar burger.

In honour of a new imperial era, a hotel in Tokyo is offering what may be one of the world's most expensive burgers, featuring various elite ingredients between two gold-dusted buns.

The Golden Giant Burger, inspired by this year's long Golden Week holiday season, weighs 3 kilograms and stacks up 15 centimetres tall. Between its two buns is a 1-kilogram beef patty, along with Wagyu beef slices, bits of foie gras and freshly shaved black truffles.

In case that's not enough food, the meal also includes triple-cooked fried potatoes, as well as a magnum bottle of champagne or wine. Not surprisingly, The Oak Door steakhouse in Tokyo's Grand Hyatt hotel suggests that the burger be split between six to eight patrons.

The cost? 100,000 yen-nearly 900 dollars.

"In celebration of this special occasion in Japan, we considered using gold as a traditional ingredient to present this burger for the enjoyment of our dearest guests," said Patrick Shimada, chef de cuisine at The Oak Door, explaining how he came up with the burger.

The burger will be on offer through June 30, and reservations for it have to be placed at least three days in advance.

There's also a regular-sized version, called the Golden "R" Burger, in a nod to the new era's name, Reiwa, which goes for 20,000 yen.

Japan's Reiwa era starts on May 1, when the country's new emperor, Naruhito, succeeds to the Chrysanthemum throne currently occupied by his father, Emperor Akihito.

Caption: The Golden Giant Burger.

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Date:Apr 11, 2019
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