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Tokyo firestorm.

The article "Fire from the Sky" in the August issue should leave no doubt that the B-29 Superforts won the war in the Pacific.

A correction is in order, though. The article says the first B-29 raid on Japan was launched on November 24, 1944. But the 58th Bombardment Wing, operating out of bases in China, began bombing Kyushu as early as June 15, 1944, attacking Yawata, followed later by Sasebo and Nagasaki, before November. I participated in these strikes as a member of the 40th Bombardment Group.

Howard Anderson

chief master sergeant, US Air Force, (retired), Valparaiso, Florida

Brian John Murphy responds: Thanks for your service! I was referring to the November 24 raid strictly in the context of the start of B-29 missions against Japan from the Marianas.

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Title Annotation:V-MAIL
Author:Anderson, Howard
Publication:America in WWII
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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