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Toilet with built-in exhaust.

The Toilet Bowl Exhaust System does what no other toilet can do--remove odors at (OK, near!) the source. The toilet looks like an ordinary two-piece model, but it has an integrated air channel just above the regular water channel. The air channel port at the back of the toilet connects to a vacuum system (fan) with PVC piping, then vents outside. A wall-mounted timer switch activates the vacuum either by a dedicated switch or through the bathroom light switch.

Installation in a finished bathroom can be tricky since you'll need to run the vent pipes and run electrical lines for the timer switch and fan motor. Buy the system from the company. The toilet bowl and tank cost $495; the vacuum system an additional $200.

Better Lifestyles, (877) 748-4628.


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Title Annotation:New Products: Kitchen & Bath
Publication:The Family Handyman
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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