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Today's hybrid interns will be tomorrow's logistics leaders.

As the Army transforms to the Objective Force, the civilian workforce structure also is transforming. Currently, the Army is developing a Strategic Army Workforce that will provide more capable, multifunctional, and multifaceted civilian leaders (Senior Executive Service and GS-12 to GS-15) to support the Objective Force. The Strategic Army Workforce positions will be centrally managed in a manner similar to the management of Army officers and Foreign Service personnel.

Recognizing the need for well-trained, motivated logisticians in the Strategic Army Workforce, the Army has revised the Department of the Army Logistics Intern Training Program (DALITP). The Army Logistics Management College (ALMC) at Fort Lee, Virginia, began an updated logistics intern program this year.

DALITP trains highly motivated college graduates to become Army logistics managers. The 2-year program develops technical, leadership, and interpersonal skills through extensive classroom training and meaningful on-the-job training (OJT). The program provides rapid promotions for interns as they train for future assignments. Students enter the intern program at the GS-07 level and progress to GS-11 on completion of the program and placement in an existing job vacancy.

DALITP begins with 24 weeks of instruction at ALMC that includes the Intern Leadership Development Course and parts of the--

* Army Logistics Introductory Course.

* Army Maintenance Management Course.

* Army Secondary Item Management Course.

* Commodity Command Standard System Functional Course.

* Defense Distribution Management Course.

* Decision Analysis for Logisticians Course.

* Defense Demilitarization Program Course.

* Defense Hazardous Materials/Waste Handling Course.

* Logistics Management Development Course.

* Manpower and Force Management Course.

* Major Item Management Course.

* Retail Supply and Maintenance Systems Course.

Other topics covered in the training portion of the program include courtesies and customs of the Army, military and civilian rank structures, oral and written communication, briefing techniques, resume writing, and interview techniques.

OJT provides a broad understanding of the overall Army mission through planned, challenging work assignments that help the interns develop competencies and prepare for increased responsibilities. OJT assignments include overseas locations such as Germany and Korea and may be within organizations such as the Army Forces Command; Headquarters, Army Training and Doctrine Command; the Army Corps of Engineers; and Army Materiel Command major subordinate commands.

Upon graduation, interns will be classified as GS-0346, logistics management specialists, but they may be assigned in the future as equipment specialists, supply specialists, item managers, combat developers, or logistics assistance representatives. Their ultimate jobs will be located in several major Army commands, but most interns will eventually work for the Army Materiel Command.

Openings for logistics intern positions are usually announced in September and April. Training programs begin in January and July. Those interested in applying for an intern position should visit the Army Civilian Personnel homepage at and follow the prompts for Employment, Army Vacancy Announcements, and Entry-Level Civilian Careers.

Fort Lee is only a training location for most of the logistics intern positions. Very few of the permanent positions are located at Fort Lee. Therefore, potential interns must sign a mobility agreement before being accepted into the program.

DALITP is managed by the Logistics Management Proponency (LogPro) Office within the office of the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4. For more information about the program, call the LogPro Office at (804) 765-4139, (804) 765-4778, or (804) 765-0616 or visit the LogPro Web site at


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Title Annotation:Department of the Army Logistics Intern Training Program
Author:Clark, James J.
Publication:Army Logistician
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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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