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Today's Air Force--defending America.

Sovereign Options for the Nation: We Are the World's Premier Air, Space, and Cyberspace Force

* The Air Force provides an array of powerful options for the President, Combatant Commanders, and our nation to dominate in air, space, and cyberspace.

* Air Force options are built to overcome the tyranny of distance, the urgency of time, and the strength of our enemy's defenses.

* With one hand we can deliver humanitarian assistance to the farthest reaches of the globe, while with the other we can destroy a target anywhere in the world.

* AEFs present Combatant Commanders with highly flexible, tailorable, and responsive combat power--thousands are deployed now and more stand ready.

* We organize, train, equip, and sustain expeditionary forces to meet requirements.

* Ten AEFs and enabler forces support and sustain global expeditionary operations--in 2000 only 22 percent of Airmen were postured to deploy; in 2005, fully 78 percent were available.

* Air Force capabilities operating in place at home provide options for the nation's Homeland Defense and significant reach back capabilities for deployed Joint forces.


Our #1 Operational Focus

* We are an Air Force and a nation at war--in a long global war fighting terrorism.

* The Air Force has conducted combat operations continuously for the past 15 years, ever since Desert Storm.

* Expeditionary Airmen are deployed throughout the world, engaged in the GWOT, taking the fight to the enemy, and conducting both conventional and special operations in the air and on the ground.

* The Air Force also fights the GWOT in an AOR at Home-our Total Force effort supports Homeland Defense, provides reachback for deployed operations, and conducts strategic mobility, space, and missile operations from home.

* We care for our warriors and their families, both home and deployed, and provide a transformational aeromedical evacuation system to safely return our sick and wounded.

Other Operations: Presence, Deterrence, and Engagement Worldwide

* Strategic Deterrence: Air Force nuclear missile and air forces are continuously at the ready.

* Humanitarian Operations: We provide first-in, last-out support for humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

* Global Presence: The Air Force is present and engaged around the globe--we are based in 14 countries, operate out of 36 countries, conduct training and exercises with numerous friends and allies worldwide, and support U.S. presence in over 155 countries.

* Global Engagement: We continually build, sustain, and expand relationships that are critical enablers for expeditionary air and space forces conducting global operations.


The Key to Meet Combatant Commander Needs of Active, Guard, and Reserve Airmen

* Physical Readiness: We train to be a fit, healthy force, prizing fitness as a key component to mission effectiveness.

* Technical Readiness: We continuously hone our combat edge through qualitative improvements.

* Education: We are a highly educated and knowledge-enabled force.

* Training and Exercises: We train as we fight--our training is highly effective because it is realistic, conducted with Joint and Coalition teams, and leverages advanced technology.

* Quality of Life: We sustain and maintain the health and safety of our people and their families through installation environment and other quality-of-life initiatives.

* Lessons Learned: We fully and rapidly integrate lessons in order to sharpen our edge and reduce risk for the warfighter.
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Date:Sep 22, 2006
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