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SOAP UPDATE EMMERDALE TV3, 7pm After finding out that Alicia isn't his real mum, Jacob has done a runner. The good news is, he hasn't gone far. The bad news is, he's in no mood to go home again, leaving Alicia heartbroken.

And in further baby-shuffling news, Sam suggests to Rachel that they have a child together, but Rachel is feeling too guilty over the truth about who Archie's dad is to even think about it.

CORONATION STREET TV3, 7.30pm & 8.30pm Mums aren't supposed to have favourites, but Eileen is extra excited tonight as she waits for her perfect, high-flying son Todd (Bruno Langley) to pay her a long-overdue visit.

Bad luck for her that he's brought all his dirty laundry home with him - in the shape of one very angry boyfriend who claims that Todd has stolen his money and told everyone a pack of lies. Looks like Jason might get to be number one son, after all.

EASTENDERS RTE1, 8pm Joey is distraught to be told that Alice has been arrested in connection with Michael's murder. And as Alice and Janine both give their statements to police, their stories just don't tally up. We, of course, know that Janine killed Michael. But quite honestly we don't care WHO it was. We're just mighty glad he's dead so we don't have to watch his insufferable grinning a minute longer.


YOUR GREAT TV MAGAZINE FREE in the Irish Daily Mirror every Saturday, with soap news, features and 7-day listings Much more TV and film news online at DOCUMENTARY Look into life of JFK Pick of the day JFK RTE One, 11.15pm THIS four-part documentary offers a fascinating portrayal of one of America's most iconic and beloved presidents.

Almost 50 years after his death, the tragic President Kennedy continues to intrigue with both his political and personal life.

RTE knocked it out of the park with their gripping three-part documentary on Bill Clinton last year, so expectations for this new series will be understandably high. of day The series will oversee Kennedy's relationship with political leaders amid fraught Cold War tensions, as he steers his nation through the threat of nuclear war and sets them on the path to space exploration.

the The many loves of his life, most notably Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe, and his treatment of them will also come under scrutiny. And the tragic events of November 22, 1963, when John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas continue to stir debate to this day.

But theories from the grassy knoll will take a back seat until later in the series.

The first episode tonight follow's JFK's rise to power, from his early years as a sickly youth, his transformation into Washington's most eligible bachelor to becoming the youngest man ever elected to the office of US President.

It features illuminating interviews from family members, including sister Jean Kennedy Smith and niece Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.

REALITY THE CHOIR: SING WHILE YOU WORK BBC2, 9pm Gareth Malone's hipster beard will be the talking point of this new series as he creates five new workplace choirs. As he's got only one day a week with each of them it also looks like he's got a different coloured pair of trousers to remind him of where he is.

And if it's canary yellow, this must be P&O Cross Channel Ferries. The maritime tune he selects for them will be sung in both French and English, causing horrified looks all round.

But it's also an excuse to soak up the sea air on the White Cliffs of Dover before popping over to Calais.

If P&O was hoping for an hour-long commercial they won't be disappointed. I especially liked Dean, the warehouse manager who never removes his high-vis jacket, even when performing for the judges.

And long gone are the days when Gareth had to press-gang singers into service. These days, people burst into song before he even gets through to the front gate and one audition hopeful even invokes her dead grandmother.

Easy, tiger. You're not on The X Factor now.

FOOD PAUL HOLLYWOOD'S PIES & PUDS BBC1, 3.45pm If you've been twiddling your thumbs since finishing the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Paul Hollywood will be slapping some pastry onto a floury surface every afternoon for the next month for your delectation.

There'll be recipes as well, and some food history, but if you just wanted to bake, you'd buy the accompanying cook book, wouldn't you? COMEDY THE FEAR RTE Two, 10pm PICKING up the baton from Naked Camera, this new series features a gang of comedians pulling pranks on the unsuspecting public.

Unlike its predecessor, a lot of the antics take place outside Dublin, with the stars terrorising the people of Galway, Wexford and Limerick in the first episode.

This time round the gang hit the streets of Dublin and Cork, where Jennifer Maguire attempts to dupe an unsuspecting tourist as a donation collector for an animal rescue charity. There's plenty of laughs when the nun decides to ask sun bathers for a two-minute silence, while Fred Cooke's singing pilot takes a shine to some tourists.

Who knows if this format will stand test of time but it's making us all giggle for now.


PLANS Sam and Rachel

FAMILY TIME John F Kennedy with wife Jackie and children Caroline and John

ON SONG Gareth leads the P&O choir

PRANKS The Fear squad
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