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After Sarah's health deteriorated and she was rushed to hospital, everyone is sitting vigil at the hospital. Doctors worry she might have a heart condition. What does the future hold for her? Later she has a heart-to-heart with Ross from her hospital bed.

Chas struggles to hold it together, with Marlon and Paddy desperate to help her. And Daz is deflated there's no news on Amelia, and the community rallies as fears grow.

CORONATION STREET ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Tissues time. It's the day of Aidan's funeral and the episodes pack an emotional punch. Johnny is feeling guilty after his kiss with Liz, but makes up with Jenny. Later at the funeral, Johnny delivers an emotional eulogy. But at one point it's all too much for some.

Alya pays Gary to change the factory locks while the Connors are out of the way. And Simon's puzzled when he finds a hospital photo of Susie in Eva's bag.



Vladimir Putin has ruled the largest country on Earth for 18 years and has just stormed to victory in yet another election.

He is so loved by Russians it's tantamount to hero worship, says David Dimbleby in this documentary. Meanwhile in the west, Putin is seen as a threat and British Intelligence calls him a "criminal thug".

As thousands of British fans pour into Russia for tomorrow's World Cup, Dimbleby is there to ask what kind of country are they coming to. As he sifts through tourist memorabilia, adorned with Putin's image (some with his top off and wearing sunglasses), it seems the leader is more a superstar than a politician.

Dimbleby asks: "How has he managed to stay in power for so long, and what do Russians see in him that we don't?"

Talking to supporters, protestors and even children learning to shoot guns in a patriotic youth club, this is an eye-opening look at a country so very different to ours.



If you ever came across a Titanoboa, you might want to run in the other direction. It's a snake the length of a bus, and therefore not to be messed with.

In this fascinating series, biologist Patrick Aryee checks out the biggest animals on the planet, and discovers why size really does matter in the natural world. Travelling to Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa, he gets up close and personal with giant pandas, sperm whales, great white sharks and Komodo dragons to explain why these creatures evolved into giants and how crucial they are to their habitats. He also steps back in time to uncover their colossal prehistoric ancestors, including a scary 23ft long lizard, a gigantic 100 tonne shark and, of course, the Titanboa.

Beginning in the Americas, Patrick meets grizzly bears and comes face to face with the world's present biggest snake - the anaconda. And there's a look at the megafauna of yesteryear, including the Titanoboa.

Can fat five dia-beat it?


FIVE human guinea pigs have accepted an invitation to Britain's first fast fix clinic, hoping to reverse their diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

The nation is in the grip of a PS10billion health crisis, with this avoidable disorder helping bringing the NHS to its knees - but it can all be changed by ditching bad habits.

A bit like a fat farm reality show, but with a serious message, this sees the patients take on a radical liquid diet of just 800 calories a day for four weeks.

It's all monitored by GP and obesity expert Dr Zoe Williams and Professor Jason Gill, a researcher into how diet and exercise can prevent diabetes.

Anita Rani hosts as the five dieters nervously check in to the clinic and are weighed.

Steve, 55, at 12st 9lbs is told he has a double risk of heart attack in the next 10 years. "I still haven't got my head around the seriousness of it," he says.

Meanwhile, Tracey, 48 and 15st 3lbs, is a self-confessed comfort eater.

Jeana, 29, is 14st 6lbs and horrified by the results, while Dan, 41 and 14st 4lbs decides: "I need to use that worry to motivate change. Don't just worry and eat cake."

Weighing in as the heaviest patient is Luke, 32. At 20st 3lbs, he is in the 'critical zone'.

He says: "I'd be lying if I didn't say I was partial to a burger. I'm like a trash can. I'll eat anything and everything."

Can they 'fast themselves better'?

- for f Pick of the day


HELP Chas is struggling

MOVING Johnny's funeral eulogy

IS VLAD SO BAD? Putin triumphant yet again

CLOSE-UP Patrick with Komodo

BURGERS OFF Host Anita Rani
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