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Byline: Jill Foster

Today's Pick of the day


IN the very popular Life Begins, she played a harassed mum juggling family life with the financial hassles of separation from a flaky husband.

In this new drama, Caroline Quentin plays a harassed mum juggling family life with the high pressure of being a detective chief inspector in the Manchester Police force. Oh, and she's separated from a flaky husband.

When a Polish girl is found murdered in a canal and a young schoolgirl is killed in a hit-and-run incident, the two events seem unrelated. But when a suspect is found dead, it becomes apparent that there is a connection.

Quentin's character - DCI Janine Lewis - is no Jane Tennison from Prime Suspect but then, Quentin is no Helen Mirren.

In fact, Quentin seems to be playing the same character - genial, gutsy gal with a slight air of superiority - she always does. The only difference this time is she's a no-nonsense Northern copper. We know she's no-nonsense because she hangs up on people.Watch when she's on her mobile.

The nanny, her DI - no one seems immune to being cut off without a "goodbye". All quite rude.

But you can't deny Quentin can carry a drama. Future episodes will no doubt delve deeper into her personal life.

Plus there's a strong hint that her DI would like her to take down his particulars. Watchable and very enjoyable.



IS it really only nine months since we sat gorged on turkey and Christmas pud waiting to see if Tim finally got together with Dawn?

The Office is already established as one of the all-time comedy classics and if you did miss the finale, here's your chance to see it. For the rest of us, it's a treat of a repeat.



"WHAT two letters link a unit of Avoirdupois weight equivalent to 437.5 grains with...?" Nope, sorry Jeremy, we don't understand the question. And stop pretending you're so clever when you've got the answer in front of you.

This grand final of the quiz for people with brains the size of the Isle of Man features teams from the British Library and Oxford University Press. Prepare to be astounded.



)IT'S always unsettling for regular viewers when a new family arrive in a soap and it's traditional to give them a bit of a hard time.

But Mickey Miller's clan who arrive tonight shouldn't be too worried - look at how we hated the Slaters at first until they'd wormed their way into our affections.

Look at how we were bored by the Ferreiras until... OK, bad example.

The Millers look set to create havoc in the Square. And they manage to upset Pauline - so it seems we might like them after all.


GUTSY: Caroline Quentin and Ian Kelsey; TROUBLE: The Millers arrive in Albert Square
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 6, 2004
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