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ITV, 7pm

Comeuppance is such a lovely word and Lord knows that Charity's is long overdue. But Declan has finally worked out how to destroy her and this time it won't involve any blunt objects, kitchen utensils or distress flares.

You might even call it the perfect crime, as Declan hits her where it hurts without so much as laying a finger on her. Give that man a standing ovation!


ITV, 7.30 and 8.30pm

We're alarmed to see Steve McDonald visit his GP tonight.

He's found a new mole on his arm that he's afraid might be cancerous. He's absolutely doing the right thing getting it checked out, but, quite frankly, if anything bad should happen to Steve McDonald it'd be like removing the wrong straw in a game of KerPlunk. Weatherfield itself might collapse.


BBC1, 8pm

It was so nice to see Adam Woodyatt cheering on friend Jake Wood during his amazing Strictly Come Dancing salsa last weekend.

And tonight Ian generously tries to get past his hatred of Max for the sake of Peter and Lauren's reignited romance. But then a chance remark from Charlie Cotton sets off a very curious chain of events.

If Max's hips, dips and lifts made you gasp on Strictly, just wait until you see his next equally surprising move.



BBC1, 9.30pm

The Greybridge staff are a sad and lonely bunch on the whole. But being forced to share their personal space this week isn't such a happy experience for them.

A fire in the French classroom means Miss Postern has to hot-desk with chemistry teacher Mr Church, as well as compete for the attention of Jo, his assistant in the lab.

But there's an even more alarming development for PE teacher Mr Gunn when geography teacher Mr Barber becomes his new room-mate.

This unexpected insight into Mr Gunn's home life provides some of the biggest surprises of the series, which ends this week.

But it's the little foibles we already know about the teachers that make us hopeful they'll soon be back for another series: Ms Baron's passive aggressive refusal to remember vain Miss Postern's name, the head teacher's easily confused PA Daphne, as well as Mr Church's crush.

There's an encouraging new development in that direction, too.



BBC2, 9pm

TV chefs are such an optimistic bunch aren't they?

This week, West Country foodie Tom Kerridge is creating homemade versions of takeaways.

And he's even serving kebabs - the culinary equivalent of casual sex, in that they require considerable quantities of alcohol first to ever make them seem like a good idea.

Kerridge beams, hopefully: "Next time you need takeaway food in a hurry, why not whip up a batch of these instead?"

The image of a group of your mates staggering in from a club at 4am to start threading diced broccoli and marinated mushrooms on to skewers of lemongrass and demanding to know where you keep your duck breasts is one that I definitely look forward to seeing posted on Instagram.

In a series so light on instructions it assumes you already know the quantities needed to prepare donut batter and chocolate mousse, or what temperature to set an oven, we also get to watch Kerridge make pizza using puff pastry before delighting the punters at the greyhound track with hamburgers that are made with real ham.

We should probably just be grateful he's not making hot dogs containing real dog.

Cops and Robbie


ITV, 9pm

WE thought we'd seen the last of Lewis, but it's back.

On their last outing in February 2013, Detective Inspector Robbie Lewis (Kevin Whately) was all set for retirement and his sergeant James Hathaway announced he was leaving the force - because Laurence Fox, the actor who plays him, was off to make his fortune in America.

It all seemed pretty final, so I would love to know exactly how they were enticed back to make another series. I expect there was more to the offer than just a muffin basket. On screen, the abrupt change of heart is explained away, more than once, by the handy phrase "once a copper, always a copper". But the show now finds itself curiously top-heavy.

Hathaway has already been promoted to Detective Inspector, while Lewis, who is cajoled out of retirement to help him out on his first murder case, is obviously a DI too.

That makes the two detectives equals, although Hathaway, who has that officer-class confidence about him, day's never exactly in awe of Lewis even when the veteran was supposed to be his superior.

It should make for an interesting new dynamic, especially as Hathaway now has an underling of his own. Detective Sergeant Lizzie Maddox, played by Angela Griffin, is the new recruit frustrated by her boss's reluctance to delegate.

And perhaps Hathaway needs to go back to detective school. Investigating an arson attack, the moment his suspect says something that suggests she actually knows more than she's letting on, he just ends the interview and walks off. Hathaway has never hidden his boredom for the job but this is surely pushing it.

Pick of the day


TENSE Max and Ian

HOME TIME Mr Barber settles in at the Gunn's

VAGUE Chef Tom Kerridge

REUNITED Lewis, Maddox and Hathaway
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