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EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm and 8pm

There is romantic tension tonight as Liv is completely thrown by THAT kiss with Jacob and needs to explain it to Gabby. And Aaron also feels awkward around Alex after his evening with Robert. Then Robert texts "We need to talk", which could mean anything.

But the sight of Sandy in an Aussie cork hat will fill you with joy - if only Maisie wasn't leaving. But she has a proposition for him.


Enders fans were thrown on Monday when it appeared that Abi's funeral had taken place off screen. But fear not, it was all a ruse for Max, and it hadn't happened at all.

Max is now desperate to get answers about the arrangements, but he's drunk and obnoxious which doesn't help his cause.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Donna have a "morning-after-the-night-before" fight.



This extraordinary series follows four terminally ill people who have arranged for gifts, surprises and messages to be delivered to their loved ones from beyond the grave. Am writing this through blurry tears - it's impossible not to cry as relatives and friends are let into secrets designed to inspire, thank, delight and comfort.

But don't let the subject matter put you off - while no doubt emotional, this is mostly an uplifting and lovely film. "It's your turn to have a wonderful life," says Ian Edmunds, 56, diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and the subject of this first episode.

For him, death will not be the final word - he wants to leave a lasting legacy. Ian died in June 2016, but months later there is an unexpected event for his cousin Gary, who was like a brother to him, and his wife Christine is treated to a spectacular and poignant surprise.



From awkward handshakes and sweaty palms, to nervous inane chatter and a general feeling of fear - every moment of a string of real-life job interviews are captured here for all to see.

Interviews are tough for anyone, so we're not entirely sure a room rigged with cameras will help with the nerves, but each to their own.

These are real jobs being offered by genuine employers, so expect to laugh and cry as you root for the best candidates. It's like The Apprentice, but with candidates that are actually likeable - and no one is being fired.

In the first episode, Diego and Kathryn from Virgin Trains need someone with sparkle to serve drinks and snacks on the West Coast Main Line. One potential reveals proudly: "I'm very responsible. Last night I defrosted some seeded bread so I could have toast this morning."

And a 21-year-old selfie-obsessed blogger wants a job with cosmetics brand Ciate London.

To free or not to free?


"WHY did you kill Maddie?" This is the chilling question Susanna Reid puts to murderer Joshua Phillips who bludgeoned and stabbed the eight-year-old to death when he was just 14.

It was a crime that shocked America, and Phillips was given life without parole for killing his neighbour and childhood friend Maddie Clifton 20 years ago.

A chilling home video, taken by the teenage boy, shows him playing with Maddie just hours before he killed her.

In this shocking documentary, Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna steps into Sir Trevor McDonald territory as she visits America to meet child murderers.

Adult crime usually means adult time in the US, but a change in the law in 2016 ruled that convicts can now have their sentences re-examined for parole.

But should they ever be freed? Maddie's family certainly don't think so, and there is emotional testimony here from her mother and her sister Jessica.

As Phillips' case comes up for appeal, Jessica says: "She doesn't get to walk the face of this Earth again, so why should he?" There is also an interview with Phillips' mother Melissa, who describes the horror of finding Maddie's body stuffed into his water bed while cleaning his bedroom.

As the killer prepares for his hearing, his interview with Susanna makes for compelling viewing.

Susanna also meets Morgan Leppert, described as "the blueeyed devil" after brutally murdering a disabled man when she was 15.

One of the jurors tells Susanna that Morgan is "evil" and should never be released.


TICKET Maisie and Sandy

AWKWARD Robbie and Donna

UPLIFTING Ian sends surprises from beyond the grave

YOU'RE HIRED? Tension at cosmetics interview

CHILLING Susanna meets killer Phillips
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