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Determined to get Lachlan to confess, Robert is on the case and shows no signs of giving up. He sends the youngster a message from his 'dad', telling him not to come to Thailand.

When Lachlan's reply suggests that he might be about to admit something, Robert thinks he's finally got to the truth. But his elation doesn't last long when he realises the youngster's messages aren't what they seem.

Elsewhere Kerry pushes Ashley into having a go at Rishi for forcing Laurel to work.



There are few things we love more than seeing Councillor Sally Metcalfe in full flow - whether she's comparing herself to the suffragettes or setting her sights on being PM.

And she's getting all political tonight, leading the Underworld girls (and Sean) out on strike after Johnny docked their pay for watching a film at work and refusing to do overtime. Sal's in her element.

Meanwhile, Todd tells Eileen she's mad to invest in Phelan's project - but is Eileen prepared to listen?



RTE One, 8PM

IT'S all kicking off tonight as Wayne's world is still rocked by his deception.

But Orla is determined he'll suffer some more.

Emmet's frustration with the lack of progress in Katie's case is about to cause problems for Alannah.

There's trouble brewing between Niamh and Paul, much to Oisin's delight, but is Niamh on to him?

Kerri-Ann discovers shocking truth of Denzo's crime.



BBC One, 8pm

When writing a piece about the Great British Bake Off, it's almost impossible not to fill it with as many baking-related puns as possible. And given that this second episode is biscuit week, there are options galore.

Who will be the first of the remaining 11 contestants to snap under the pressure? Who will crumble under Paul's steely gaze? Who'll be jammy and dodge elimination? Who's taken on bourbon they can handle? (To be fair, we never said they'd be any good). First up is the signature challenge, where the bakers have to make two dozen identical and elaborately decorated biscuits. Then there's more perfect piping needed in the technical bake, where they must try their hands at the fancy and delicate Viennese Whirls.

And then it's on to their own choice of structure for the gingerbread showstopper, which requires precision and skill - not to mention steady hands and nerves of steel. But some of them seem to be fighting gravity, with their buildings held together purely by luck and positive thinking. So who will be next to get dunked out of the tent?

Voight for justice


RTE Two, 9pm

IN the aftermath of the shooting that killed Lieutenant Bruce Belden and two other officers, Antonio is in critical condition and the manhunt for Pulpo is the Intelligence Unit's top priority.

Things have gotten personal.

Voight, vowing revenge on Pulpo for killing Willhite and shooting at Antonio, tells his team to have the drug lord delivered to him and Olinsky, without question, which of makes Halstead feel uncomfortable.

A body is found in an alley and is revealed to be one of Pulpo's men.

The Intelligence Unit decides to use Pulpo's lawyer for information, and they seek out a Spanish officer who can send him a death threat.

The attorney reveals Pulpo needs someone who can fake IDs and refers them to an old client, who has made them for him and his family many times before.

When Pulpo's wife's fake ID comes on to their radar, the Intelligence Unit the finds her and her son at a gas station.

But, there is no sign of Pulpo. Voight realises he used them as a diversion to throw them off the trail.

Firefighter Brian "Otis" Zvonecek translates the Russian on Pulpo's computer and learns Russians agreed to smuggle him out of the country inside a shipping container.

Pulpo is captured and Voight and Olinsky head out to the docks to kill him.

Halstead, knowing what Voight and Olinsky intend to do, tells a recovering Antonio that Voight has Pulpo. Antonio, remembering rumors Voight and Olinsky killed the murderer of Olinsky's old partner, says they might be at the docks.

During the intense confrontation, Halstead convinces the two that Pulpo will have his day in court.

Meanwhile, Stillwell is revealed to have a hold on Jin because of threatening him and his father with being deported.

Erin is forced to face her former "friend" Charlie and tries to find out what he is planning to do, having turned up in Chicago.


DECISION Ashley and Laurel

ADVICE Todd talks to Eileen

FRUSTRATED Alannah and Johnny

PRESSURE Biscuit making
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