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Today's Products Offer More Than One Benefit.

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Market research shows that health and beauty products that confer multiple benefits resonate with consumers.

The trend is evident in consumers' embrace of skin care products with dual benefits, such as cleansing and moisturizing.

Across the personal care category, products with multiple benefits doubled their sales in the five years through 2016, said Justin Giouzepis, vice president of marketing for Henkel Beauty Care, marketer of Dial brand soaps and body washes as well as the Schwarzkopf and Syoss hair care product lines.

"Moisturization and antibacterial are the top-two attributes that hand soap consumers value," Giouzepis said.

Antibacterial soaps are viewed as critical to public health because of the importance hand hygiene plays in the prevention of infection.

"One of consumers' biggest complaints about hand soaps is that they dry out skin," Giouzepis said. Henkel has addressed that concern with its Dial Complete 2 in 1 Foaming Hand Wash. The soap is made with a unique formula that ensures that hands stay clean and moisturized after each wash, according to Giouzepis. The soap comes in three varieties: manuka honey, pearl essence and rose oil.

Dial's 2-in-l formulation is also available in a bar soap, made with twice the amount of moisturizing ingredients as is found in regular hand soap, Giouzepis said. The soap kills 99.99% of bacteria encountered in common household settings, he said. And like the foaming hand wash, it keeps hands moisturized even after repeated washings. "This is the only bar on the market that combines the moisturizing qualities of a beauty bar with the antibacterial protection you expect from Dial," he said.

Dusseldorf, Germany-based Henkel N.A. recently relocated its U.S. laundry, beauty and home care divisions from Scottsdale, Ariz., to Stamford, Conn. Henkel was planning to add a laboratory on the premises for the development and testing of its beauty products, with facilities for experimentation with product formulations and packaging and for performance of clinical tests on its hair care and skin care offerings.

Dial has also been bringing innovations to its body wash line, Giouzepis said, leading to the introduction of the exfoliating Dial Skin Therapy Himalayan Salt body wash and the replenishing Skin Therapy Himalayan Pink Salt and Water Lily wash. Both feature an advanced moisture-attracting formula that adds lasting, lightweight hydration while gently purifying to help replenish skin.

Dial body washes are gentle enough for everyday use, and by every member of the family, the company said.

In addition to their cleansing properties, the Dial body washes protect the skin's natural moisture, helping to reveal the skin's natural radiance, Dial said, while also leaving the skin soft and smooth with every wash.

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Date:Jan 8, 2018
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