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Today's New Definition of Network Diversity: Key Geographic Locations.

Hibernia Atlantic Increases Its Presence in the New York Tri-State Area to Further Answer Buyers' Concerns for Increased Communications Security

BOSTON & NEW YORK -- Hibernia Atlantic, the only diverse trans-Atlantic transport provider, announces today it has established network Points of Presence (PoPs) in the following locations: 165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ, 32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, Telehouse, 25 Broadway, New York, NY, NYC Connect, 111 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY, Stamford, CT and Hamilton Avenue, White Plains, NY. These new PoPs are in addition to Hibernia Atlantic's existing network presence in and around New York City, which now total 14 different locations. The critical connections within and between these carrier hotels create a new definition for "network diversity" - mainly: the ability for large-bandwidth network operators to have options--options in service providers, options in physical network equipment and options in rerouting traffic securely. With the growing need for back-up protection and network flexibility, today's enterprise clients and global carriers must be able to have on-command ability to redirect their network traffic.

This definition is in direct response to the Asian quake's disruption of many international telecommunications networks. This natural disaster is a clear reminder that multi-national companies must ensure that their communications infrastructures are not fragile, especially today, when businesses are increasingly reliant on overseas operations and vendors. This is also in response to the misinformation currently populating the communications industry on network diversity. A leading communications provider recently advertised that a "new configuration, a single network mesh design, provides diverse paths for rerouting traffic." This is simply inaccurate. Network diversity of today is based on having more than one carrier, relying on more than one piece of network equipment, in one building, on one floor, on one power grid and/or on one, shared diesel generator with the rest of the building. Hibernia Atlantic has deployed secure network PoPs in and around New York City to provide diverse routing and to give its clients access to other carrier networks.

"Customers have come to rely on more than one location to exchange communications traffic," states Ira Rovitz of Tishman Real Estate Services, leasing agent and owner's representative for New Jersey's premier carrier hotel, 165 Halsey Street. "For example, scores of different carrier and large-bandwidth enterprise clients, including Hibernia Atlantic, have established network presences at 165 Halsey Street. Their network presence in our 'Meet Me Room' gives them access across the country and across the pond to Europe, while bypassing the island of Manhattan. 165 Halsey Street is quickly becoming the choice for those clients who require back-up routes around New York City."

"Diversity is based on physical geography. Customers today need to know their cable crossings, aerial and buried backhaul routes, diverse building entrances, secure risers and ultimately understand their circuit interconnections," states Eric Gutshall, EVP of Sales & Marketing for Hibernia Atlantic. "End customers and network operators must ensure that their cable routes do not cross high-traffic routes. And they must demand to have a network presence within carrier hotels' 'Meet Me Rooms', like at 165 Halsey and NYC Connect, where they can easily access other carriers and partners."

"In our NYC Connect 'Meet Me Room' at 111 Eighth Avenue, we have dozens of carriers interconnecting and exchanging traffic on a daily basis," states Joe Kiaer of NYC Connect. This is the ultimate 'mesh design' where the clients are choosing carriers based on price, service and diverse routes."

"Hibernia Atlantic's redundant north Atlantic cable offers the ability to steer traffic around from city to city - and now inter-city as well," continues Eric Gutshall of Hibernia Atlantic. "We have 14 different network points of presence (PoPs) in and around New York City alone. And this diversity does not stop once our cable hits the ocean; unlike every other trans-Atlantic route, Hibernia Atlantic's US-built transport does not traverse congested terrestrial routes or land in the same beach manholes. Hibernia is the only transport provider who has direct US and Canadian connections to Ireland as well as the UK. This is the new definition of diversity necessary in today's communication networks."

As a result, Hibernia Atlantic's recent customer acquisitions include household names in the communications and financial sectors, including international PTTs, ISPs, content providers, global investment banks and other Fortune 500 entities.

For the complete trans-Atlantic network map and service offerings, please visit If you have additional questions on network diversity, please email

About Hibernia Atlantic:

The Hibernia Atlantic network provides "Security through Diversity" to European and US customers with direct trans-Atlantic connectivity, at competitive prices, with unparalleled support and service. Hibernia Atlantic's redundant rings include access to Dublin, Manchester, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, New York City, White Plains, Stamford, Newark, Ashburn, Boston, Albany, Halifax, Montreal and more. Hibernia Atlantic is the fastest way to communicate across the Atlantic, providing dedicated Ethernet and optical level service up to GigE, 10G and LanPhy wavelengths. Hibernia Atlantic's cutting-edge network technology allows enterprise customers, carriers and wholesale customers reliable, next-generation bundled services at affordable prices. Hibernia Atlantic is a private company, established in 2001 by Columbia Ventures Corporation (CVC). Fore more information, please visit
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Date:Jan 15, 2007
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