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Toboggan or nor toboggan?


That is the question! A toboggan is not a toboggan anymore when you use the letters of the word "toboggan" to make up other words. See how many different words you can come up with using two letters or more.

(Hint: We found 45! Maybe you can find more.)


At least 45 in a---Tab, tag, tan, tang, tango, tog, toga, to, ton, tong, too, toot, oat, bag, ban, bat, bang, boa, boat, bog, bong, bongo, boo, boon, boot, on, gab, gag, gang, go, goat, gob, gong, goo, goon, got, agog, ant, at nab, nag, no, nob, nog, not.

Bonus words--Tobago, an island in the West Indies, part of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; Togo, a country in West Africa; Tonga, the kingdom comprised of the Tonga Islands in the Southwest Pacific, or tonga, a two-wheeled carriage used in India; toon, a large Australian tree or a character in an animated cartoon.
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Author:de la Croix, Christine
Publication:Children's Digest
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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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