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Short Communication - Sexual Dimorphism of Internal Organ Mass in Bufo gargarizans gargarizans from Summer Population. Gou, Jianping; Xiong, Jianli; Dong, Baoxia; Liu, Zhennan; Hou, Manman Report Aug 31, 2017 3168
Records of Dhofar toads duttaphrynus dhufarensis from Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. Soorae, Pritpal S.; Toosy, Arshad; Mehairbi, Mohammed Al Report Jan 1, 2014 401
Hop to the rescue. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 115
First observations on the larval characteristics of Gunther's toad Duttaphrynus hololius (Gunther, 1876)/Primeras observaciones sobre las caracteristicas larvales del sapo de Gunther, Duttaphrynus hololius (Gunther, 1876). Ganesh, S.R.; Kalaimani, A.; Nath, Anukul; Kumar, R. Brawin Report Jan 1, 2013 1301
A new species of the genus Pristimantis (Anura: Craugastoridae) from Southwestern Colombia/Una nueva especie del genero Pristimantis (Anura: Craugastoridae) del suroccidente de Colombia. Mueses-Cisneros, Jonh Jairo; Perdomo-Castillo, Ingrid Vanessa; Cepeda-Quilindo, Belisario Report Jan 1, 2013 4120
A passion for Amargosa toads. Stafford, Jeannie Sep 5, 2012 748
How to make a toad home. Mar 22, 2012 200
Temporally irregular breeding of western Spadefoot toads (Spea hammondii) in managed wetlands. Groff, Luke A.; Duffy, Walter G.; Kahara, Sharon N.; Chapin, Shannon J. Report Mar 22, 2012 2411
Use of breeding sites by arid-land toads in rangelands: landscape-level factors. Griffis-Kyle, Kerry L.; Kyle, Sean; Jungels, Jeremy Report Jun 1, 2011 2098
How to catch a friend. Herbert, Jennifer May 1, 2011 394
Native toads find ant invaders tasty: Indonesian amphibian could help control aggressive insects. Milius, Susan Brief article Oct 9, 2010 292
Interactions between recently metamorphosed green frogs and American toads under laboratory conditions. Sams, Erin; Boone, Michelle D. Report Apr 1, 2010 4280
Feminization blamed on farming: agricultural chemicals suspected in cane toad troubles. Raloff, Janet Aug 2, 2008 675
Cane toads meet their nemesis? Brief article Aug 1, 2008 238
Secretory vesicle refilling and toxin production in Ollotis nebulifer (Coastal Plain Toad) and Anaxyrus speciosus (Texas Toad) following transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the parotoid glands. Powell, Randy L.; Soto, M. Andres; Gonzalez, Romulo H., Jr; Purviance, Jennifer R. Report Aug 1, 2008 2516
Fight for the frogs: an in-depth look at the amphibian crisis with Dr. Jennifer Pramuk, curator of herpetology at the Bronx Zoo. Second in a 2-part series. Schechter, Mara Interview Jun 16, 2008 1753
Protecting the Western toad. Young, Rachel Dec 1, 2007 465
Hatchery breeds Wyoming's rarest toad. Springer, Craig Dec 1, 2007 856
Detroit Zoo breeds 40 Wyoming toadlets for recovery program. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 218
Toadzilla. Coffin, Bill May 1, 2007 805
Cane toads may spread beyond their 'natural' limits. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 269
Hatchery breeds Wyoming's rarest toad. Springer, Craig Apr 1, 2007 858
Hatchery breeds Wyoming's rarest toad. Springer, Craig Feb 1, 2007 850
Hatchery breeds Wyoming's rarest toad. Springer, Craig Jan 1, 2007 857
Frog in the tub. Ebel, Julia T. Jul 1, 2006 1175
Nature myth: the truth about buzzing bees, warts from toads, moss on trees, projectile porcupine quills, and more. Krautwurst, Terry Apr 1, 2006 1986
The case of the disappearing frogs. Ambrose, Margaret Brief article Apr 1, 2006 217
Dietary composition of the Mexican spadefoot toad (Spea multiplicata) from a sand dune habitat in southwestern Coahuila, Mexico. Castaneda-Gaytan, Gamaliel; Garcia-De La Pena, Cristina; Lazcano, David; Contreras-Balderas, Armando Feb 1, 2006 3234
To breed, perchance to die. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article Jun 15, 2005 225
Pest problem: make money--put a toad in the hole. Brief Article May 1, 2005 242
Ozone saps toads' immune systems. Brief Article Feb 5, 2005 259
Midwife toad on the mend. Amodeo, Christian Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 209
A salute to animal fathers. Archer, Peggy May 1, 2004 406
Battlelines drawn against the cane toad march. Lunter, Sheila Apr 1, 2004 1891
On the evolution of toads in the French Renaissance*. Randall, Michael Mar 22, 2004 15865
Frogs and toads. Oct 24, 2003 6207
A study of the frog lung fluke Haematoloechus (trematoda: haematoloechidae) collected from areas of Kentucky and Indiana. Whitehouse, Chris A. Aug 15, 2002 4067
Frogs & toads of New York State. Breisch, Alvin R.; Gibbs, James P. Apr 1, 2002 2051
Kids & frogs. (From DEC's Environmental Education Centers). Strnisa, Dee Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 625
Fish stocking may transmit toad disease. Schubert, C. Brief Article Aug 4, 2001 515
Climate Change Linked to Amphibian Deaths. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 696
Weather cycles may drive toad decline. S.M. Apr 28, 2001 281
Toadworks ahead. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 106
Genetic metamorphosis. (spectrum). Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 537
Antibacterial Properties of Toad Skin Secretions. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 240
In My Backyard. D'Amelio, Donna Jul 1, 2000 251
Single singing male toad seeks same. Bennett, R. Brief Article Jun 17, 2000 665
New frog-killing disease may not be so new. Milius, S. Brief Article Feb 26, 2000 647
Killer skin fungus nails boreal toads. Brief Article Oct 2, 1999 247
On the Side of Life. Butler, Sydney Brief Article May 1, 1999 545
The Wyoming Toad SSP. Spencer, Brint Brief Article May 1, 1999 849
Pesticides and the Wyoming Toad. Dickerson, Kim May 1, 1999 1166
Slugging toads have a mean left jab. Milius, Susan Brief Article Nov 7, 1998 206
A WITCH'S ZOO. Nov 1, 1998 766
Adaptive plasticity in amphibian metamorphosis: response of Scaphiopus hammondii tadpoles to habitat dessication. Denver, Robert J.; Mirhadi, Nooshan; Phillips, Marnie Sep 1, 1998 8787
Interspecific competition between Bufo larvae under conditions of community transition. Bardsley, Louise; Beebee, Trevor J.C. Jul 1, 1998 6484
Toads can't tell guys from gals. Milius, Susan Jun 20, 1998 446
Habitat preference in the Bombina hybrid zone in Croatia. MacCallum, Catriona J.; Nurnberger, Beate; Barton, N.H.; Szymura, J.M. Feb 1, 1998 9782
Watch out for poisonous ... toads. Nov 1, 1996 473
Snail-tadpole interactions in streamside pools. Holomuzki, Joseph R.; Hemphill, Nina Oct 1, 1996 6308
What's behind toads' mating behavior? Brief Article Jun 1, 1996 337
Multivariate patterns of genetic differentiation support complex colonization schemes in Bufo marinus populations. Guinand, Bruno; Easteal, Simon Apr 1, 1996 5341
How sweet (or sour or bitter or salty) it is! Stickney, Nancy Oct 1, 1995 312
Genetic variation for phenotypic plasticity in the larval life history of spadefoot toads (Scaphiopus couchii). Newman, Robert A. Dec 1, 1994 6753
Growth and survival of postmetamorphic toads: interactions among larval history, density, and parasitism. Goater, Cameron P. Dec 1, 1994 7229
Sexual selection in American toads: a test of a good-genes hypothesis. Howard, Richard D.; Whiteman, Howard H.; Schueller, Teresa I. Aug 1, 1994 9435
Mud. Churchman, Deborah Jul 1, 1994 340
Too many toads. Cover Story Mar 1, 1994 154
Endangered toad adopted. Cover Story Mar 1, 1994 136
Toadally extinct? Not if zoos can help it. Nov 16, 1991 276
Getting hopped-up on toads. Oct 1, 1991 105
Tales from the Froglog and others. Cowen, Ron Mar 10, 1990 581

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