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To winch or not to winch.

Dear Half-Mast,

We've heard through the rumor mill that the self-recovery winch on our HEMTT shouldn't be used because it's not strong enough.

I've looked but; haven't been able to find any safety messages of other write-ups to support this rumor. Can you set the story straight?


Dear Sergeant M.J.S.,

Sure can. This is a very persistent rumor that has been around for quite a few years. It probably started because the self-recovery winch is rated at only 20,000 pounds and HEMTTs weigh much more than that.

The rumor would be true if you were lifting the HEMTT. But you're not. You're just pulling a wheeled vehicle. For that purpose, the winch works just fine.

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind from the HEMTT TM when using the self-recovery winch:

* The caution on Page 2-402 in TM 9-2320279-10-1 says the winch is not designed to pull free a mired vehicle by itself Vehicle drive system power must always be used along with the winch or you risk damaging it.

* The caution on Page 2-400 says to never exceed the winch's pull capacity. That's the force needed to move the wheeled vehicle horizontally while it is in gear.

* A second caution on page 2-402 tells you to stop using the winch if the vehicle does not more.
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