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To whom it may concern.

The Vermont State Nurses' Association represents Vermont's RNs, LPNs, and LNAs, or so is my understanding. And yet, in each edition of their newsletter, the articles written tend to be geared towards RNs and LPNs only.

Article after article lists the efforts being done on a legislative level to provide quality health care by giving "nurses" better patient to staff ratios, improved work conditions, outstanding educational opportunities and fair liveable wages.

But what of Vermont's LNAs? Where do they fit into the grand scheme of things? What is being done for them? Who is representing them on a legislative level?

As today's "nursing" force heads towards retirement, there is great concern about a nursing shortage and crisis. Seems to me, if LNAs were granted the same concern, respect and fairness given to RNs/LPNs, then these outstanding, hardworking individuals may be the solution to the "crisis" as they opt to become the "nurses" of tomorrow, hence caring for you in your "golden years."

In Harmony,

Bonnie L. Machie

Alburgh, VT
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Title Annotation:Opinion--Editorial
Author:Machie, Bonnie L.
Publication:Vermont Nurse Connection
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Date:Nov 1, 2007
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