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To the test Electric blankets; TRICKS of the TRADE.

Byline: Compiled by ANDREE FRIEZE


Dreamland soft fleece cover, pounds 69.95 (, 0871 855 4444)

This model is easy to put on and heats up in just 10 mins, with 75-min or 12-hour auto-timer and nine settings. Fleecy fabric for extra comfort. Illuminated controls for use in the dark and a safety cut-out.


Polar fleece heated mattress cover, pounds 69.99 (, 0870 060 2614)

Has ultra-thin wires and cosy fleece cover. Dual controls with three settings and an illuminated heat indicator. Says it takes 60- 90 mins to warm up but after 10 mins the foot area was already getting hot.


Relaxwell chocolate throw, pounds 68.49 (, 0845 077 8888)

Nine heat settings and overheat protection. You can programme it to run for 75 mins or 12 hours and control is illuminated. Big enough for two...just. Seems expensive but it feels lovely.


Starlight underblanket, pounds 24.99 (, 0844 822 2321)

Has a pre-heat setting but takes 60-90 mins to set up. The wires are thicker than on most models so it is less comfortable and has fiddly ties. At the highest setting the control felt warmer than the underblanket.


Sleepwell luxury cover, pounds 79.99 (, 0845 604 9049)

Has dual controls and warms up in 10 mins on top setting of nine. It can be programmed to stay on for 75 mins or 12 hours only on levels 1-4. Quilted cotton/polyester blend allows it to breath.


Winterwarm underblanket, pounds 24.99 (, 0845 640 3030)

Like a mat rather than a fitted sheet, this is placed on top of the bed. Illuminated control has three settings. Automatic cutout. Machine washable and tumble-dryer safe. Took an hour to warm up.


Dual controls - lets you adjust each side of a double blanket separately

Automatic cut-off - you can fall asleep in comfort and, most importantly, safety

Quick heat-up - no need to wait before you jump into bed.

Fitted - so it doesn't slide around as you sleep

12-hour setting - low-level heat all night.


Dreamland soft fleece cover, pounds 69.95; Polar fleece heated mattress cover, pounds 69.99; Relaxwell chocolate throw, pounds 68.49; Starlight underblanket, pounds 24.99; Sleepwell luxury cover, pounds 79.99; Winterwarm underblanket, pounds 24.99
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 8, 2009
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