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To the editor.

Dear Editor:

Wasn't that a fine article inviting the membership to Little Rock for the 2008 convention? ("Little Rock: the political, literary, cultural and scandal center of the universe." The Masthead, Autumn 2005.) All of us here are delighted our bid was accepted, and are already planning a memorable convention.

There was just one problem with the article. Through a mix-up, it carried my byline, but it was actually written by Kane Webb, assistant editorial page editor of the Democrat-Gazette, and one of your co-hosts come '08. The only thing I did to it was what I always do when editing Kane's copy: slightly disimprove it.

Apologetically, Paul Greenberg Editorial Page Editor, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

EDITOR'S NOTE: Patti may be of the habit of disimproving Kane's copy, but 'twas I that disimproved the byline in the Autumn Masthead story. My apologies to both Paul and Kane.
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Author:Greenberg, Paul
Publication:The Masthead
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Dec 22, 2005
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